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Recent posts by Erin Sesnie

One of our Clients is currently looking for a talented Java Developer for a Direct Hire opportunity in the Detroit Metro Area.

As a member of the Enterprise Development Group, this intermediate level developer will be responsible for system analysis, design, application development and implementation of business systems. The developer will perform development of J2EE-based solutions through iterations and releases, develop software, perform unit testing and create documentation. The developer will meet with clients to identify project requirements, test, write and implement software according to the client's specifications. We need developers who are passionate about testability, supportability, extensibility, simple design, high cohesion and low coupling, programming to interfaces, maintaining high unit test coverage, and keeping large suites of unit tests running very quickly.

Required Skills:
� Unit testing with JUnit and its extensions
� Test-Driven Development
� Refactoring
� Continuous Integration (CI) using CruiseControl
� Automated acceptance testing using FitNesse
� User Stories development
� Testing Web apps through the GUI with tools like Selenium and HtmlUnit
� Advanced OOD and Design Patterns
� Lightweight Java web app frameworks like Spring
� Large, complex database schema development and SQL
� Agile database practices and persistence approaches

Desired Skills:
� SOA and Web services
� Oracle 10g or 9i

If you meet all of the above requirements and are looking for an exciting fast-paced career with a progressive company, please forward your resume to
14 years ago
Xede Consulting Group is seeking Senior Java Developers to join our internal team of Consultants.

The Senior Java Developers should possess at least 5 years of development experience utilizing the latest Java technologies such as J2EE, JSF, JSP, Servlets and EJB. In addition to their ability to develop applications, the Senior Java Developer must exhibit a wide variety of professional characteristics such as problem solving, mentoring, leadership, requirements gathering, basic project management, and excellent interpersonal skills. This position requires the ability to lead a project from the design phase through implementation.

� Experience with distributed Object Oriented Programming using CORBA
� Experience with JSF (Java Server Faces) is strongly preferred
� 3-6 years of extensive experience in design, development and testing of web-based enterprise systems using J2EE technologies (JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JMS, EJB,DAO)
� Experience with Open source frameworks such as Struts, Webwork, Spring or JSF
� Experience with client side web development languages (JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS)
� Experience with one or more application servers (BEA, IBM, Oracle , HP or JBoss)
� Experience with build tools, development environments and IDE�s
� Experience with one or more Source Code software (as CVS, PVCS, ClearCase, SourceSafe)
� Experience with test driven development, design, documentation and review of tests
� Experience with one or more databases (Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL)
� Good working knowledge of data modeling, SQL and PL/SQL
� Experience with unit testing tools and frameworks such as JUnit, Cactus, Abbot, Mock objects
� Experience with XML; concept, transformation, tools (XSD, XSLT)
� Experience with SDLC concepts; experience with working on small to medium size teams
� Experience with Reporting Tools such as Jasper Reports is a definite plus
� Experience with design and development of Web services is desirable
� Working knowledge of Software development methodologies and UML is desirable
� Sun Certified Web Component Developer certification is desirable
� Sun Certified Business Component Developer certification is desirable
� A quick learner with the ability to handle development tasks with minimum or no supervision
� Should have the ability to work and contribute beyond defined responsibilities
� Ability to multi task
� Experience with working on small to medium sized development teams from project definition through implementation
� Consulting experience a plus
� Should posses good oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills

Please send resumes to
14 years ago