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Recent posts by Scott Tobias

I have created a Desktop application in Netbeans 6.1 using Matisse. It consists of a JFrame which contains 4 JPanels including one called leftPanel1 So far life is easy.

Now I Create a new JPanel Form again using Matisse. Its called leftPanel2 Thats easy too.

Now, what I want to happen is that when a user selects a menu item, leftPanel1 is replaced by leftPanel2.

I want to add a mousereleased event to the menu item which effects this change, but I cant figure out how to change the JPanel in the JFrame.
13 years ago

I do need to write a web application. I downloaded Eclipse. It looks really cool. I was totally shocked by the fact that I downloaded it, clicked on the eclipse.exe, and it just runs.
14 years ago
I want to Create a web application that uses XML extensively.

It must be able to
Call XSL style sheet to transform an XML file, A into a modified XML file, B
Validate resultant XML File B against an (W3C) XML schema

Open and Read XML File B.
Display XML in a treeview control
Edit ,delete, add nodes in the XML
Save modified XML File to server file system

I would like to minimize my learning curve so I can start developing as quickly as possible. I am not experienced with Java but am familiar with OOP, the XML stuff.

Blazing performance is not my highest priority

I believe that doing this project in Java is my best choice because many of the best tools for using/querying RDF are accessible in Java and this will become important during a later phase of the project.

I am a little confused about all the tools out there and have given some thought to :
Eclipse -

14 years ago