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Recent posts by Devasani Naresh

Hello Guys,
please reply, if you came across this issue.
15 years ago
Hello all,

I have observed that, in JDK1.6 JDialog is minimizable (if it is non modal dialog).
If it is a modal dialog, right click on the title bar brings the popup menu which includes minimize and maximize enabled.

I can maximize the dialog, but cannot be minimizable. It goes to task bar area, but again comes back.

Please let me know where to find these details with JDK1.6 changes.
15 years ago
Hello ranchers!!!
As per the DTD, <security-role-ref> comes under the <servlet> element. So, do we need to put <security-role> element before the <servlet> element.
please confirm, if any restrictions are there with these elements...
Congratulations! That's the commitment...
15 years ago
I think, you ca do some of the following in the next two days...

1. List out all the DD elements and study 3 to 4 times... (some examples web.xml with all elments filled with data, for clarity, you can write comments on what it will do)

2. List out all the JSP element Syntax, JSTL tags, Custom tags and try to remember all the tags including the return values of the tag handlers.

3. Try to answer the questions in this forum...

4. If you still have time, write one sample program which covers all the demo code in HFSJ & whatever the book you have read, and try to remember the entire flow

5. Finally & the most important one, sleep wellllll before the exam......
Have you overridden correct method.
is the signature of the jspInit method is correct?
check if it is like the following.

publc void _jspInit()
Hello ranchers, same doubt might have been cleared before, but again i am confused whether to take SCWCD1.5 or not. I have HFSJ for SCWCD1.4. Is that enough to take SCWCD1.5.

And i am not asking for just passing the exam, but for scoring as equal to HFSJ for SCWCD1.5 version.
both cases work in the same way... I think.
hello ranchers, any restriction on the order of the following elements in web.xml file in the latest versions

<servlet-mapping> and
I think, if we modify the Request parameter (may be by using Filters), This scenario might come.
Hello Nellika,

I found your "Be the Container Answers" at page 416. I dont know which version of book i am using.

In my book, it scope attribute is not specified with jsp:useBean tag. So, by default, it will be page. In that case this answer might be correct.

But this might be a chance that "in the new version of book, they have specified scope, but not corrected the answer".

Hello Ulf Dittmer,

Thanks for your reply.
If the two jars "servlet-api.jar and jsp-api.jar" are with tomcat itself, why do we need to install J2EE SDK.
Could you please tell me, where it will be usefull & its purpose.

Hello Ranchers,

I am new to J2EE. I want to appear for SCWCD.
I wanted to write demo programs and execute with Tomcat.

But, i dont know what are required for development(till compilation) and for deployment and running(execution).

For example in J2SE, we have JDK to develop the application and JRE-JVM for running the applications.

Could you please explain me how to relate those concepts in J2EE.
Congtats!!! Aryan...

It will be helpfull, if you can share about your preparation with us.

I dont understand the funda of the extra questions, which are not considered for the score. Is there anything like that?