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Recent posts by ushma agarwal

hello Himanshu,

well i need to use both in this project. jsp for view purpose and servlet for business logic. see so far i have designed html pages using MS FrontPage with validation�.actually this my first project so I need lots of guidance�

I will be grateful for your help.

Hello all,

I need to develop a project on Online examination system. I have installed netbeans 5.5 and oracle 10g. my problem is this I have no idea how to use netbeans, I read Netbeans help and NetBeans Tutorial for Web Applications but still things are not clear.please somebody tell me what all steps I need to take or some resource/website where I can find help.

Thank you all in advance
I was going through a DD there were few elements, which I don�t know, please explain their purpose.
1.<realm-name> under <login-config> like this

<auth-method> BASIC</auth-method>
<realm-name> LDAP REALM </reaml-name>

2.there are few related with EJB/JNDI configuration but I don�t know their purpose



3.this one in TLD <variable> and <dynamic-attributes> under <tag> element:




i want to thank javaranch. this forum helped me a lot in my preprations. you know i have suggested my friends to join this forum. good luck everybody.
14 years ago
Kelvin, please explain in detail why the following code is illegal:

is it because we are not initializing final instance variable in the overloaded constructor?

And in the following code is it just because we are initializing final instance variable in a method and not within a constructor?
Thanks a lot Kelvin and nico for explaining it so nicely
please tell me why the output of the following code is T1T1T3.

why not T1T2T3.

new Thread(new A(),"T2").run();
here we are creating a new thread "T2" and on this thread we are invoking run() method directly.
somebody please tell me what are correct options and why?

thank you in advance!
thanks deepak
now i got the point.
somebody please tell me why //line 2 is giving compiler error?
programmer has written the following class to prevent garbage collection of the objects of this class. Is he mistaken?

and the answer is TRUE.
but i m unable to underttand why its ture. somebody please explain how can we prevent garbage collection.
Hi nikunj,

thanks. i wish you good luck the exam.
hello all,
i am new in this forum. i got to know that javaranch is the best forum for those who are into java. well i need to clear SCJP in one month time that to with good grades ceriously.
i have one book THE COMPLETE REFERENCE JAVA 2 fifth edition --by H.Schildt
online documentation of SCJP SUN CERTIFIED PROGRAMMER FOR JAVA 5 SYUTD GUID (EXAM 310-055)--- by Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates
please tell what else i need and how i should proceed.
i am not in a position to buy any mock exam kit so kindly suggest some free links also.