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Recent posts by Joshua Ebarvia

Tina Smith wrote:Google says you should try:
for the tree,
for the tabbed pane (project/files/server),
for the split pane.

Thank you for the reply,

But what I meant is how to create a layout and behavior of the GUI such as the screenshot (netbeans IDE) on my first post.

Thanks again
10 years ago
I want to create an application with a navigation pane similar to Netbeans IDE (such as the project/files/server and Palette and Properties windows).

Which controls do I need to implement such?


10 years ago

Tom Reilly wrote:You have a System.out.println(file[i].getAbsolutePath()); What is the output when you run the test? Here's an ancient question: does your computer have a floppy drive that File.listRoots() recognizes as the A: drive? Come to think of it, your original code started by looking for the A: drive. The floppy drive is notoriously slow. I guess another question is does File.listRoots() return the File instances in order (C: drive before D drive)? Since the test returns true, I'm guessing that file[i] + "filestorage" returns C:\filestorage (and path delimiters is not the problem).

Thank you very mych, the main problem is the access of the A: which is very slow...

Thank you once again
11 years ago
the result of the method is "true" - because i have created a folder filestorage on drive C:

The reason for the line
is because my application will search for the drive of the computer which contains the folder filestorage..
Hence, I have appended the string "filestorage" to the result of the File.listRoots().

Is there any other way to do the appending without creating a new instance of File?

Thanks once again

11 years ago

Tom Reilly wrote:There is a File.listRoots() method. Have you tried that? My guess is that the way you are doing it, the slowness is when you query the drives that don't exist. Can you change the code so that you can time each query rather than all 26 at once?

I have changed my method and used File.listRoots() as you have suggested, then I run the profiler once more.

Here is the new code

I don't know why it is still running very slow...

11 years ago
Good day fellows,

I have been doing a code that would retrieve available drive letters of a windows PC.

Here is my method

The problem is that it takes 5549ms to complete the method call (I have attached a profiler picture)

Is there something wrong with my code? How do I make it fast?

11 years ago
So how do I know exactly what version is the jstl.jar and standard.jar
which I got from the Netbeans 6.9.1? Is it 1.1 or 1.2?

11 years ago
Yup... May be they are updating it...

Anyway, I managed to find one in my netbeans installation 6.9.1

I just dont know if it is version JSTL 1.1 or JSTL 1.2

11 years ago
I want to download JSTL 1.2.jar

I found this page
which has a link to
which says, "NOT FOUND" or the page doesn't exist

Will somebody give me the download link for JSTL 1.2 so that I could use it
in my study for JSP.

Thank you,
11 years ago
OK guys, I found out my error.

It should have been request.getParameter instead of response.getParameter

11 years ago
Hi guys,

I am trying to build/do my first JSP page (submitting a form), I am encountering
an error about the response.getParameter()
I'm getting a cannot find symbol for all the lines with response.getParameter().

Please help,

Here is my code:
11 years ago
Hi guys!

I have downloaded JDeveloper 11.1, just exploring it and I did some application which requires mysql-connector-java-bin-5.1.6.jar.

Ok. so I included it in the Source Path so that I may be able to reference/load it via Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver")

So I got no problem running my application as I can connect to MySQL.

Here is the problem, "Deployment"

I have created/done the ff:
1. Deployment Profile
2. Created a "Library" entry in the "File Groups"
3. Set the "Target Directory in the Archive" to "lib"
4. Checked the box "Create META-INF/" and specified my main class

Results, class not found (loading the com.mysql.jdbc.Driver)

Here is the build output -> Project.jar
inside it are folders:

------- mysql-connector-java-bin-5.1.6.jar

------- MainClass.class

Here is the content of my
Manifest-Version: 1.0

Main-Class: project1.MainClass
Class-Path: lib/mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar

Note... this works if I put a folder named lib in the same folder as my Project.jar

What I want is that, I will not create a separate lib folder that will be in the same directory of my Project.jar.
Since there is a lib directory inside Project.jar, how am I gonna edit my to reference/ set class path to it.


David Newton wrote:Don't redeploy, or don't save the pictures to the web app context.

Personally, I'd choose option #2.

Ok, I'll give your option # 2 a try.

Can you recommend on the best location/folder to store the pictures? How am I gonna get it's URL so that I can change my code in my img src"asdasdasd.jpg" thing


David Newton wrote:You're saving them to the app's root + directory?

Then it's a redeploy issue. You can either change how it's deployed, or don't save the pictures to the web app context.

Yes my pictures folder is at

I think its a redeploy issue.. How am I gonna solve this?


David Newton wrote:You're most likely not saving the picture files where you believe you are, or they're getting deleted on a redeploy.

I have checked the pictures using windows explorer, and the were saved in the folder specified.

If they're getting deleted on a redeploy.. what are the causes? HOw am I gonna prevent it?