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Recent posts by hw khan

I have a JSF page with submit/reset/back button
the page works fine with one operation on the page
If submit is clicked once , it displays the result or error on the same page , but then reset/back/submit when clicked agin there is no action hapeening , the assocaited action function is not getting called at all

same with reset/back button

please advice what approach I should try with

Iam really in a BIG problem
16 years ago
just do google search and you will get lots of sites which gives all the basics of portlets/portals

IBM Portal
16 years ago

Iam new to IBM Webspere portal and I need to learn how to access EJB from a portlet.
Can anyone please help me with some examples, tutorials, articles
anything relavent.
I have all the posible links given by IBM, But not much of help.
Iam in need of step-by-step tutorial with a simple example to understand how to access EJB from portlet.

16 years ago
thanks Merrill

Here is the action code

Note from Merrill: Added [ C O D E ] at the beginning of the block and [ / C O D E ] at the end of the block to make the code more readable.
[ October 23, 2007: Message edited by: Merrill Higginson ]
16 years ago
Hello Francesco,

Iam facing similar problem as your,
My JSP is not entering the logic resent block at all

I have tried your solution but it's not working for me .

can you help me on this ?
I have also posted my query in the forum with the details of my jsp page.

16 years ago
Hi All
Iam trying basic struts examples , my JSP is not getting inside the logic resent block
Iam taking in user name , searching if it exits in a list , is yes then displays the result on the same jsp page else error message on the same jsp page.

How to forward action to the same JSP page in struts-config.xml file ?
is there anything missing in the following JSP?

<html:form action="/search">
<td align="right"><bean:message key="label.search.name"/>:</td>
<td><html:text property="name"/></td>
<td>-- or --</td>
<td align="right"><bean:message key="label.search.ssNum"/>:</td>
<td><html:text property="ssNum"/> (xxx-xx-xxxx)</td>

<logic resent name="SearchForm" property="results">

<hr width="100%" size="1" noshade="true">

<bean:size id="size" name="searchForm" property="size"/>
<logic:equal name="size" value="0">
<center><font color="red"><b>No Employees Found</b></font></center>

<logic:greaterThan name="results" value="0">
<table border="1">
<th>Social Security Number</th>
<logic:iterate id="result" name="searchForm" property="results">
<td><bean:write name="result" property="name"/></td>
<td><bean:write name="result" property="ssNum"/></td>

</logic resent>

16 years ago
Iam trying to run my first struts application on MyEclipse.
But iam not able to deploy it.
Please can someone help me with detail steps about how to run a sturts aplication on MyEclipse.
16 years ago
For spring framework, you have to include following jar files:

1. spring.jar
2. spring-aop.jar
3. spring-bean.jar
4. spring-core.jar
5. spring-context.jar
6. spring-dao.jar
7. spring-hibernate.jar
8. spring-mock.jar
9. spring-jdbc.jar
10. spring-orm.jar
11. spring-remoting.jar
12. spring-support.jar
13. spring-web.jar
14. spring-webmvc.jar
For Hibernate support, you have to include following jar files into the path of server.
And path for the jar file is C:\Program Files\MyEclipse 5.1.0 GA\eclipse\plugins\com.genuitec.org.hibernate.eclipse_5.1.0\myeclipse-data\3.0\lib

10. connector.jar
11. dom4j-1.6.jar

13. hibernate3.jar
14. jaas.jar
15. jacc-1_0-fr.jar
16. jaxen-1.1-beta-4.jar
17. jdbc2_0-stdext.jar
18. jgroups-2.2.7.jar
19. jta.jar
20. log4j-1.2.9.jar
21. oscache-2.1.jar
22. proxool-0.8.3.jar
23. swarmcache-1.0rc2.jar
24. xerces-2.6.2.jar
25. xml-apis.jar

For log4j implementation, you have to include following jar files in the server´┐Żs path

Iam also very new to struts , my application is working fine with oracle connectivity , maybe you should try and add spring-jdbc.jar into the path.
Hope this would be of some help.