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Recent posts by James Swan

Did you try merging any new trunk changes into your branch (forward integration) before attempting your reverse integration (branch merging into trunk)?
You didn't post much detail of your code, but have you set any of the following system properties:

[ April 06, 2006: Message edited by: James Swan ]
18 years ago
If I remember correctly, you do something like this:

- extract suns javadocs into your JDK/docs directory
eg. mine is:
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_02\docs

Configure Eclipse to use the JRE within the JDK directory, then it should automagically pickup the javadocs associated with that JRE.

AVG - free Antivirus software
Microsoft Windows Defender - free Antispyware
Adaware Personal - free Antispyware

Do your web browsing with Firefox, have Windows XP Firewall running, perform regular virus/spyware scans of your PC, don't run/install email attachments.

Ideally go out and purchase yourself a router and use that as your gateway to your broadband connection rather that directly having your PC connected.
18 years ago
How about:

When I select "download bundled JVM" from within InstallShield I get directed to this link:


You might be able to locate the win32 1.5 JVM in there.

Also there are InstallShield forums which might be able to help you further:
18 years ago
5.0 == 1.5

A bit confusing isn't it, but have a read here.
I have had similar behaviour when using Eclipse and Ant.
The approach I took to get Eclipse back in sync was:

Project --> Clean --> (check start a build immediately)
(Try doing a refresh of your project as well).
Yeah, I've had similar issues, especially when changing from the 3rd party layout managers to the built-in Java platform mananagers (GridBagLayout etc).

The GUI designer still has some issues, but in it's current form, I find it very useful.
[ February 06, 2006: Message edited by: James Swan ]
If i remember correctly, and assuming you're using Windows, there is a configuration file located in:
"Program Files"\netbeansx.x\etc\netbeans.conf

You should be able to adjust memory settings from there.