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Recent posts by Jon Lipson

Dissero ( is the premier recruiting firm focused on emerging growth companies in the Boston area. Our client is a venture capital backed Web 2.0 company that has created a highly intellectual, vibrant online community.

We have been engaged to conduct a search for a Software Architect. They are looking for a visionary and highly experienced Architect who can continuously bring fresh ideas to the company. The role is very strategic as our client continues to build out their revolutionary platform.

This is a groundbreaking opportunity to join a very dynamic company and make a significant impact to their overall success.


* Must have architecture experience with multi-tier, highly available, scalable, performance-oriented, distributed transaction web environments.

* Must be capable of working independently, as well as with and across teams, in supporting this Java/XML-based J2EE/EJB 3.0 enterprise level application running under JBoss on Linux.

* Work with product management in understanding new requirements.

* Collaborate with other developers and architects in creating solutions that meet business requirements.

* Participate in the design of large-scale, complex systems, and assist other engineers with completion of their projects as needed.

* Remain technically current in an effort to profile, prototype and implement optimal and practical solutions.


* 10+ years of experience in multiple professional software development environments.

* 6+ years of Java development experience in a Linux environment.

* Solid J2EE web development experience, including experience with Servlets and EJB, preferably including EJB 3.0.

* A mastery of core Java concepts.

* Must have previously architected in project environments with 10+ software engineers.

* Expertise with object oriented development and design patterns.

* Experience with frameworks such as Struts, Spring and Hibernate is a must.

* Experience with a J2EE compliant enterprise application server, preferably JBoss.

* Experience with XML, SOA and Web Services is a plus.

* Ruby on Rails experience is a plus.

* Honesty, integrity, flexibility, enthusiasm and a positive, can-do attitude.

* Ability to multi-task and thrive in a fast paced, start-up environment.

* Degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

Offers Competitive Salary and Benefits. Applicant must be US Work Authorized, No H1 Visas! Apply with resume to Jon at or 610-648-0988
13 years ago