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Recent posts by Dick Summerfield

Howdy yerself Rory!
I'm also hoping to pick up the thread again before too long* but with the nice weather summer occupations are keeping me away from the 'puter...

* as Marilyn said: It's amazing how time flies
14 years ago
Why, thankee kindly ma'am!
That ole moosehead looks mighty purty!
14 years ago

Originally posted by Marilyn de Queiroz:
I'll see if I can find one in storage we can use.

I recall seeing one somewhere which only had one eye - but it's OK - that will do just fine
14 years ago
Hi John,
I've only just seen this and I have to say that I don't understand.
Are you referring to typo's in comments?

14 years ago
It's purely disgusting vanity on my part Marilyn, but would you happen to have the odd moosehead lying around ready to be nailed up?
14 years ago
I once had a nitpick go into "Junk" for no apparent reason (well actually my filter gives me a list of reasons but I can never understand them!). So yes, it's a thing to bear in mind.
14 years ago
I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I'm still around too...
Although I have personally no great urgency to push on with the Cattle Drive for a while yet, it would be nice to hear something from Marilyn again soon if only to know that everything is OK.
It often goes quiet on any forum for perfectly normal reasons so let's hope: "no news is good news"...
14 years ago

Originally posted by Marilyn de Queiroz:
This week I'm really overwhelmed.

All the best, Marilyn. Hope you will soon be back to a normal level of
14 years ago
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A great tip!!!
I just recreated my error situations and was able to savour the unfriendly (but true) error messages, in plain old black and white .
14 years ago
Panic's over for the time being...
Removing the line:
from default-web-site.xml in orion\config has got the default web page displaying again when I type http://localhost.
Though why it should give an error 403 with this line in place beats me.
(But at one stage I got the error "straight from Orion" and it said:
"403 Forbidden - Directory browsing not allowed" (!)). I daresay this is the real reason for the error and not the need to log in suggested by the IE message.
[ April 03, 2008: Message edited by: Dick Summerfield ]
14 years ago
I'm using version 2.0.7 but I've been using it with no problems up to now.
It was only yesterday late that I decided to do a quick check with http://localhost and got an error 403 for my trouble rather than
the display of default-web-app\index.html I expected.

I have been messing about about with various Orion files to get the example Standard Web App ("bee" between Servlets-3a and 3b) running, so maybe this has some bearing on the problem.

I'm going to try commenting out the changes I made, to files in orion\config and see what happens.

Any other thoughts more than welcome!
14 years ago
I'm getting in a mess with Servlets-3a.
That's bad enough but now Orion's letting me down (or maybe that's what's causing the problem :confused .

I wanted to check that Orion was ready and willing by typing just:
and I got:
The website declined to show this webpage
HTTP 403
Most likely causes:
This website requires you to log in.
This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.

It's getting latish here so I thought I would post this and - who knows - perhaps get an inspiring thought or two for the morrow
(P.S. I have been experimenting with Ant, whilst looking ahead to Servlets 3b and 4!)
14 years ago
Hi Nath,

I believe this algorithm covers all cases, including the year 2000.
Divisible by 4? Yes. It could well be a leap year. But wait...
Divisible by 100? Yes. Oh, It's not a leap year. But wait...
Divisible by 400? Yes! It is a leap year after all!!!


Oops... Marilyn's beat me to it (but at least we have the same story ).
[ April 02, 2008: Message edited by: Dick Summerfield ]
14 years ago
Well, I'm still quietly around...
Didn't have a lot to say while awaiting a nitpick, but it's just turned up! after a longer wait than usual so something has apparently interrupted the usually smooth process but I don't know what - illness perhaps...
14 years ago
OK Jim, Thanks.
14 years ago