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It means that the class on the client side which will be used by the GUI to connect to DB server should expose all the public methods of the Data class. So U should have exact public functions in the database client class as in Data class.
Regardign deleting, In my assignment specs, they havn't mentioned
that I need to provide support for addition and deletion so I don't think that there is any need to provide a functionality which is not in specs
Hey Trevor
I have also done the same thing
I also feel that when we have to modify it any way then
why not to add trim() at that point
hey i think there is little difference in our assignment.
Actually I have given a text file and as a part of assignment
I have to write a converter to convert the text file
into binary file
Best way is to implement ur own model
I don't think it is possible w/o using a custom table model
Hey come on yaar
don't tell me that U were trying ur stunts on a text file
Any way, regarding convertor.
it is fairly straightforward.
U need to parse the text file and use the
Data class methods to write records into
binary file.
For parsing I used StreamTokenizer, U can also use
string tokenizer or any other approach
so can U explain a little about what U are doing
I mean ur design and approach
chk ur mail also
I have sent my database.txt and database.db file
what U can do is run ur convertor on my txt file
and then compare the generated binary file with
I think it will help
is this prblem is there in both Local and remote mode
or only in remote
Can U explan a little about ur approach
On the second thought, I think there is something wrong
with your data convertor, test it or try reverse conversion
I can smell that U have some problem with ur data convert.
Can I contact U directly on ""
Chk About the resolution
Hey I think U must be doing something wrong
I tried the similar code in my application and got
something like this:
suncertify.db.DataInfo@62cb55recordNumber = 1
Fields:Name = Flight number value = SA001
Name = Origin airport value = SFO
Name = Destination airport value = DEN
Name = Carrier value = SpeedyAir
Name = Price value = 400
Name = Day value = Sun
Name = Time value = 13:40
Name = Duration value = 20m
I don't know why U are getting BAO and similar stuff
Reply Back
the name of the origin and dest airport are
not user friendly names
Actually they are three digit codes which are used
world wide like JFK, LGA, MCI etc etc
We can map these three char codes to actual names
but I don't suggest that of SCJD appliation
I think we should follow the requirement documentation.
I suggest Ultraedit
it is by best friend
Hey Dave
I think It is neither a bug nor a feature
But it is starange
But if U need to diplay ur JTable in any container except
JScrollPane, U Need to do the following:
container.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
container.add(table.getTableHeader(), BorderLayout.NORTH);
container.add(table, BorderLayout.CENTER);

The exciting thing about this is that by using above
procedure, U can display ur headers on top or bottom of ur
Hope This Wil Help