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Recent posts by palla sridhar

Dear Mark and Sheil,
Thanks for promoting your book here.

1. How well is your book organized?
2. Is it full of examples?
3. How many days it takes to complete the book?
4. How much I can score in the exam, after reading the book?
5. What is the price for taking SCEA?

Thanks and Regards
Hi Ahmad!
Thanks for promoting your book on JavaRanch. I'd be excited if I win a book in the promotion.

I have a few questions.

1. Does your book help me to setup any database (like MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2 etc) with Hibernate?
2. How does it help a novice to understand the integration of Spring and Hibernate?
3. Is this book about Spring or Hibernate?
4. Does the book talk about the benchmarking of other technologies ( like Grails, Ruby etc) with Spring/Hibernate?
5. Does this book help me in building engineering/scientific applications?

Thanks and Regards......
12 years ago
Dear Chin and Iverson!
Thanks for promoting the book on JavaRanch.
My questions on your book.
1. How does your book help JavaFX naive people? Is it only for professionals in JavaFX or anybody can read the book without basic knowledge on Java FX?
2. What does your book contain on the commercial aspects of Java FX? Are there any real world examples of Java FX?
3. Are there any screenshots in your book on handling Java FX projects?

12 years ago
Hi Peter Cooper!
Thanks for promoting your book on JavaRanch.
I've a few questions.
1. I heard "Twitter" is a Ruby application. What are the other major applications Ruby has been used?
2. What is the advantage of Ruby, compared to other languages? What are the other languages similar to Ruby?
3. What does your book cover, which other books do not cover?
4. What job and commercial prospects does Ruby has?
12 years ago
Hi Dhanji Prasanna,
Thanks for promoting your book in javaranch.
I have a few questions.
1. How does your book cover Dependency Injection related to Spring?
2. What are the other languages where DI is used?
3. What kind of applications can DI be used?
4. What are the future prospects of DI?
Hi Venkat,
Thanks for promoting your book here.
My questions are :
1. How is this different from Clojure?
2. What are the employment oppurtunities for Scala?
3. How do you predict the growth of Scala?
4. Are there any proven applications of Scala.
12 years ago
Hi Glen and Peter,
Thankd for sponsoring the book on Java Ranch.

To be fare, I'm new to this Grails and also a freelance developer.
1. Can I learn and develop projects after reading this book?
2. How can this be useful in mobile applications?
3. What is the difference between this and Ruby on Rails?
4. What is the commercial potentiality of this technology?
5. Are there any MNC projects going on , on this technology?
12 years ago
Hi Gail and Paul,
Very nice to sponsor an offer for your book.
Recently heard a lot about Java FX!

1. What does your book cover to normal Java, Javascript developers?
2. Do you have any application code in your book?
3. What are the commercial projects going on Java FX?
4. What is the life expectancy of this technology?
5. How its different from AJAX?

12 years ago
Hello Sergey,
Very nice to promote your software on java ranch.

Can you please tell me what is the difference between your product and other products?
Also how fast and easy can SQL developers adopt this product?
Can we develop PL/SQL queries on this?
How to use this product with common databases like Oracle, DB2, MySQL etc
Hello Jeff Hanson,
Very nice to see you offer the book on Java Ranch.

But to be very clear, I'm very new to this Mashup.
I'm only a Java, JEE developer.

Can you please give me a short note on this Mash up?
Where is it used?
Is it a programming language?
What is the potential of this ?
Is it useful for developers?
Can you give me further links to develop my knowledge on this?

Hi Martinj,
I PM you regarding my interesting. Please check and let me know.

13 years ago
Dear Eric J. Bruno & Greg Bollella ,
Welcome to Java Ranch and thanks for offering your book on javaranch.
I read the review on Amazon and was excited to see that you are Sun's system engineers. Great!

Coming to the book,
How useful will be the book to the common developer of Java applications?
What is the potential of Java RTS?
What are the applications of Java RTS?
I have been reading of RT OS's lately, does Windows is one of them?
What is the difference between Embedded systems and RTS?

13 years ago
Hello Jim Clarke, Jim Connors & Eric J. Bruno,
Nice to see your offer on Java Fx. I heard so much about this Java FX lately and would like to know all the hype about it.
When did Java FX start?
What is the learning curve for java, JSP, JDBC and JEE professionals?
what is the basic skill required to understand your book? Is it for developers or can anybody without experience in Java FX read it?
what are the employment oppurtunites in this technology?
what are the alternative to Java Fx?
How can we integrate this technology with legacy systems?

[MG]Please avoid unnecessary use of emotcons
13 years ago
Can anybody let me know , if you have any work from home jobs involving Java.
I have 4 yrs of software experience in Java and Mainframe.
I also have Faculty experience.
I can create Java web applications.
Can work in JSP, Servlets.
13 years ago
Hi Authors,
Very nice to see your offer.
First of all, I don't know anything about Software Pipelines.

So can you brief me, what does the book cover and how does it help an LAY program user.
I worked in Mainframes, Java technologies.
So how this is going to boost my career.
What are the employment oppurtunities with this technology?
What are the applications to this technology?
So what should i need to learn this technology?
13 years ago