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Recent posts by Mohammed Yousuff

In our project we like to know how many EJB’s request are handled in the prod environment at a time. So we created a Monitor for the attribute CurrentThreadPoolSize in the object  jboss:service=invoker,type=pooled
However we are unable to see any change in values when we tried to fire more than 100 requests (using JMeter)… I did the similar kind of setup for JVM free Memory & DB Connection , but both works fine…
Similar we also want to track the number HTTP request are handled by the server at a time (no users), however when we fire 100 request, there is changes in values in graph, however monitor doesn’t send any alerts if the threshold values reaches
confused about what really happing, any thought are appreciated.
13 years ago
Hi all,

i have created snapshot graph for JVM Free Memory, however the snapshot are get deleted if we restart the server.Is there any way you can save the snapshot graph before jboss shutdown...???
13 years ago
I am working on a project which uses JBOSS as the app server. Currently our system takes long time to deliver the response back. Due to this concern we are planning to fine tune the JBOSS 4.2 App Server & JVM. Can you please suggest some best practices or any book which guide the performance tuning @ Jboss ?...
13 years ago
I am trying to send sterilized object to JMS and should get the response back using request-response EIP pattern. I am try to find some example which does the same….

I saw the example code for request-response in Apache camel site, but not able to understand what it really happening.

Below are the steps which I am try to do using Camel .

1. A Object should be send to JBOSS JMS queue (I configured JBOSS queue and able to post messages), but not sure how to send a object to the JMS Server.
2. Then need to set JMSReplyTo() and correlation ID and then sent to the MDB.
3. Once the MDB processed, it should return back to listener class.
4. The client should check the response asynchronous.

I would appreciate if you can share any on the steps which you may know. Thank you
I trying to send a Message to JMS Server (I am using JBOSS App server) from Apache Camel and I need to get the response back from JMS Server (trying request-response pattern using JMS).

I was seen some of the example, however all of them are refereeing to ActiveMQ Servers. After installing the ActiveMQ in local machine, if I tried to send message it was not derived to the ActiveMQ Server.

I was going the Camel in Action (chapter2 source code) and I run the spring program which works but there is no messages or logs in the activeMQ console. I am sure that I am missing some configuration some where ;(..

It will great if you guys share any thoughts on this… or any simple examples…

thanks a lot
I am trying use JMS for request/response model using MDB, i.e when a client sent Message to Server (Here is our MDB). The MDB should send the response back to the same Client which sent the messge.

I found some examples in net which explains the same scnario but both client & server are J2SE.But what I am try is my server should be MDB Bean.
I appriciate if you can throw some lights… please let me know if any example code is avilable.
I have created a MDB beans and deployed in Jboss 1.4 server. I need to configure the number of maximum beans in a pool. I have done changes in standardjboss.xml, however this applies to all the MDB’s which are deployed in server.

I want to configure MaximumSize property to only a single bean, is there any way I can do that in ejb-jar.xml or in jboss.xml ?

Please let me know … thanks for your help.
13 years ago
i am trying to configure the JMS module in Jboss to use mySQL as its data store. Below are the files which i have updated, however i am getting namenot found JNDI related exception... please let me know if i am missing any steps . thanks for your help....

* Created mySql datasource as 'mySqlDS'

* Deleted default\deploy\jms\hsqldb-jdbc-state-service.xml & default\deploy\jms\hsqldb-jdbc2-service.xml and added mysql version of the files by changing the datasource as 'mySqlDS'.

* updated login-config.xml with new mySQL DS under the section name <application-policy name = "jbossmq">, which uses the defaultDS.

When i tried to restarted, it was throwing exception as below... i think there some objects which is not bounded, is there any steps missing?... please let me know.

13 years ago
as i learned The main reason why string was not made as mutable, is due to the security issue in Java.. However in Applets if some thread can change the value of String object, why can't that thread can create new String object and do the same operations?....

Can any please give me some example code so that it will be more clear... thanks ;)

13 years ago
I believe this is the same pattern used in Singleton lazy initialization, rather than a null check... is that correct?
James you are right, i am trying to do the same....thanks a lot your comments helps me....;)
14 years ago
technologies- 21%
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brand 8%

balance 5 near to your home ;)

14 years ago
I got it Henry.Let me explain what i am trying to do...The current code accepts parameter as string and converts the string to byte[] using string.toByteArray()... What we are trying to is similar rather than accepting string we want to pass char[] and that should be converted to byte[]... currently all our inputs will not contain any internalization chars it only English and numbers.

i think in this scenario, the code which i have written will work without any issues?... thanks you
14 years ago
Thanks a lot James, the reason is i want to pass my char[] to a method which expects byte[].... I understand that the same can be done using String class API, but we don't want to use that...Can you please suggest some other options if available.. thanks for your help.
14 years ago
Hi i was trying to convert from char[] to a byte[] (with out using String class). i was unable to find any API which does this... then i written a sample code which converts from char[] to byte[]... it works...

in my code, i am looping the char[] and converting every element to byte... some where in the net i read that their are some chances to loose data while you convert like this?. is that true?...

let me know is there any better approach we have to do this conversion? thank you>
14 years ago