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since Oct 18, 2007
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Recent posts by Sergey Surikov

This is quite exciting. I was actually looking to develop a GUI application for my Online PHP Store. I wanted a frontend in Java through which I could CRUD the MySQL Database, in order to change the prices, add products, view orders etc.

Can you recommend a book which deals which such path ?

see JavaFX CRUD for the example
14 years ago

Jim Clarke wrote:It's not a matter of not wanting to do it. It was a matter of time. Look for it in a future release.

You can use CRUDfx SDK now.

it includes:
1. Layouts
2. Grid
3. Tree
4. Text/Password components
5. Localization tools
6. User preferences util
7. Tools for asynchronous task
8. Bridge to Web Services (XML, JSON)
9. Bridge to SQL Servers (JDBC)
10. Google Map component
11. Sound synthesizer
12. Other tools

See screenshot with table

14 years ago