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I read this in the specs

The Bean Provider must be aware of the potential sharing of objects passed through local
interfaces. In particular, the Bean Provider must be careful that the state of one enterprise
bean is not assigned as the state of another. In general, the references that are passed across
local interfaces cannot be used outside of the immediate call chain and must never be stored as
part of the state of another enterprise bean. The Bean Provider must also exercise caution in
determining which objects to pass across local interfaces. This caution applies particularly in
the case where there is a change in transaction or security context.

can someone help me understand, why state shouldn't be maintained across local calls.
Hi ,

How do we create a timer which executes the same task a t specific time of the day?
for e.g.

i want to execute print "hello world" at 3:00 PM and then at 4:00 PM

13 years ago
Congrats.. whats were your study materials?
13 years ago
so it means we cannot do every sec?
Hello Friends,

I need some help. I am working on a project where there is a requirement to perform tasks periodically every 1 sec. I gave a lot thought and read thru lots of articles on the net. I came to one conclusion to use the java.util.concurrent api to solve my problem..

Steps are::
1. Create the tasks
2. Create Worker threads to execute tasks
3. Threads will send process the tasks and publish it to queue.

I need some advise for the third step. should i separate this tasks of publishing to separate thread.

Any good advise will be appreciated.


I have been a silent member of this forum. Always used to get a glimse of the success stories people used to post when they clear the exams. That used to boost/kick me up and encourage me. It took me 1 year for this. the reason I was busy with work but I had made a decision that i will give the exam this month and finally cleared the exam today. I am quite happy with my performance.

My road map to success includes
1. Read the HFSJ 3 times.
2. Went thru the specs though not that much. only used it few days before the exams.
3. Enthuware all 8 exams. average score of 80%
4. sun practice exams. (passed both)
5. HFSJ ed 1 (passed) and ed 2 mock exams (failed).

Thanks for the Wonderful book Bryan, Bates and Kathy. And thanks to all who helped me in some way for my success.

Cheers.. and Best of luck to all..

13 years ago
thanks but what might be that non-deterministic behavior for a particular request?
Sorry for being impatient here. I already had a question on this and had replied on one of the existing threads but thought that it might get lost!

so adding a new thread.. once again apologies for the repetition

Question:: why is the container synchronizing the Httprequest. This is for servlet generated by tomcat for a JSP.

snippet below copied from tomcat generated servlet


[ June 16, 2008: Message edited by: Justin Russo ]
[ June 16, 2008: Message edited by: Justin Russo ]
Yes.. but why was the request synchronized for the servlet below. This is for servlet generated by tomcat for a JSP.

snippet below copied from tomcat generated servlet

Cool.. I got it too.. size is XL (extra large)..
13 years ago
just to confirm SCWCD 5.0 is Java 5.0 compatible right? then why is answer for question 2 :: <C> ? it should allow primitives..
Thanks everyone.... Will try my best to work on all your good suggestions..
13 years ago
thanks everyone.

Any Books you can suggest ..?
13 years ago
thanks!.. this has cleared a lot of doubts i had...
13 years ago