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Recent posts by Tod Stroszer

I'm attempting to migrate a fairly large project from JBoss AS5 to AS7. The project is built with ant, the build process is pretty complex. I'm running into a lot of problems.

The first thing I did was read through the AS7 documentation -, focusing on 'How do I migrate my application from AS5 or AS6 to AS7?'

I managed to set up a new data source and import my project into AS7. When I try to build the project I'm getting a lot of class loading errors, which I expected.

Our build.xml sets 'build.classpath' for use during the 'compile' stage of the build process

does AS7 not honor these ant directives?

I tried to solve this by creating an *ear/meta-inf/MANIFEST.MF file that references the class path

This doesn't seem to work - I am still getting the package javax.jms does not exist errors.

I'm going by the class loading procedures documented in the AS7 manual - what am I doing wrong?

Is it because i'm using ant? Should I switch to maven? My project and build are fairly complex, and I'm not sure if it will be worth going down that route if there's a simple solution to fix these errors with ant in AS7.

Any advice appreciated - thanks!
10 years ago
I've already read HFJ and done all the exercises. I've also read Thinking In Java, Java How to Program by Deitel and Deitel, and taken Java programming courses in college and gotten As.

I will take everyone's advice, though, and go back to reading books. I will read another book or reread K&B, code all the examples again, and take detailed notes. I am not giving up on this certification.
Feeling very frustrated. I have been studying little by little over many months and I am not close to being ready to take the exam. I have read K&B twice, and done all the practice problems. I have tried ExamLab and I scored so low thatI gave up and tried enthuware.

My scores in the enthuware Standard exams are not improving. I have taken 4 out of 12 Standard tests in enthuware and I average about a 40%.I review my incorrect answers in enthuware until I feel like I understand why I got it wrong. Then I retake the test - when I retake the enthuware test I score high - around 90%, but I feel like that is not a valid measure since I have already seen the answers. Is it even worth it to take the enthuware Standard exams a second time?

I feel like I understand the concepts but I get tripped up by 'trick' questions.

I am a developer in other languages and I've done Java projects before for work. It's depressing to read here others study for 2 weeks and pass with decent scores, and I am working very hard and not seeing any improvement. I feel like there is something wrong about the way I am studying. But I have also been reviewing the book for topics I miss a lot in enthuware, and I have been coding a *lot* of practice programs as well.

I have been studying for a long time and feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I really need some advice about how to study.
Is there a certification test that covers Spring and Hibernate? I'm interested in becoming certified in these two frameworks. Thank you!
10 years ago
It depends on the individual, so it may take you a little longer or a little shorter than some people.

But I did research the same question when I first started studying for certifications - I think the average is about 3-4 months of preparation for someone fairly new to Java programming. If you are only studying 2 hours a day I'd say it would take you a little longer, but it really depends on your aptitude.
Well I took the Exam Lab diagnostic exam and scored badly 30 percent. I feel more preparation is necessary.

Should I take the Master Exams first and repeat until I can score 100 percent on them, or just use Exam Lab exclusively to prepare for the exam.

I am just asking because I only have a limited amount of time and need to study for the exam in the most efficient way possible because I have to take the exam next month.
I've read Head Start Java and done all the exercises, and I've read Sierra Bates SCJP6 Study Guide twice and done all the Self Study exercises at least twice.

I have the 3 MasterExam practice exams that come with the Sierra Bates SCJP6 CD-ROM, and I've installed the ExamLab software.

What is the best strategy to prepare for the OCPJP6/SCJP6? I'm planning to:
-take all the Master Exams until I can score 100 percent on them
-then take ExamLab exams until I'm scoring between 50-60 percent?

Should I even bother with Master Exam? Or should I stick with ExamLab exclusively? I am asking because my schedule the next few months is very busy and requires that I be able to take the exam within a month.

Thank you for your advice!

It does not address software design abilities or software achitectural concepts.

Doesn't SCJD test these things? Right, and I'm studying to take SCJP next month.
11 years ago
I should probably mention that I'm on a team of senior level developers, and I feel like we're expected to be at a level of proficiency at or above the SCJP certification level, at least, and probably the SCWCD and SCJD. I feel like these certs are mainly for new people to the field who are looking to break in, with a lack of college degree or experience. That's my impression, but I am probably wrong. Anyways, I felt like at this point in my career - Masters degree in CS, 10 years experience in IT, about 7 as a developer - I should be past the point where I need certs to prove my abilities - but I'm struggling with the SCJP, so obviously I'm not there yet.
11 years ago
I don't know how many people on these boards are already working as Java developers, but I had a meeting with my new manager today in which I was asked if there were any training and professional development opportunities I was interested in. I mentioned that I was studying to take the SCJP and planned on taking a few more tests in the Sun/Oracle certification track.

It occurred to me later that I possibly shouldn't have told my employer that I was studying for certifications. I am thinking that this may be a bad thing, because:
-it implies that I may possibly be looking to upgrade my resume to help me look for another job
-it implies that I feel my skills are lacking, or that I am not getting experience in technologies like Hibernate and Spring at my current job and need to get that experience elsewhere

On the other hand, it shows initiative and a desire to improve my skills. My manager offered to pay for books and tests. I just wondered if others on these boards let their employers know they are taking certification exams, it's a new area for me and I just want to make sure I'm conducting my career properly. Thanks.
11 years ago

Dieter Quickfend wrote:I do believe this is the best year of my life.

After much good fortune this year (like living together and finding a good job), I passed the SCJP6 exam with 90%

Of course, I couldn't have done it without the staff and fellow Java Programmers on this site. Therefore, I'd like to thank all of you for the help and the support;

Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra for writing THE book on SCJP; without your book I definitely would never have attempted this exam this year,
Devaka Cooray for creating the great testing tool that is ExamLab, it taught me a lot and reassured me after taking the final exam that I could pass the SCJP.
Ankit Garg and Deepak Bala For being the SCJP forum mods I haven't mentioned and are most active as well; you guys helped me a lot and made me realize
that it's best if I figure something out for myself rather than reading the answers to my questions and storing them in my main memory =)

And last but not least, all my fellow JavaRanch posters who aim to be the best at what they do and aim to help others be the best at what they do. I have all of you to thank for this.

So thank you all, and pat yourselves on the back!

How long did it take you to prepare for the exam?
11 years ago

Benjamin En wrote:Hey!

I will have my exam tomorrow morning.
I went through the book and a few times repeated the questions and the two minute-drills.
I scored as following on the ExamLab Mocks:

practice #1 54%
practice #2 54%
final exam 61%

According too what I read on this board I should be able to pass with theses scores, is that correct?
I will now focus on repeating inner Classes and Generics and one more time browse through the 2-minute drills, any further ideas for preperation?
How will the real exam be? I read it will have 60 instead of 72 questions and duration will be 3 hours?

How long have you been studying for the exam?
11 years ago

L K Kakani wrote:Hi Tod Stroszer,

Even I am preparing for my SCJP..

Apart from the books you have mentioned I am also going through "A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification" by Khalid Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen . The Mock Test at the end of this book is good.

- Regarding the self tests in the SCJP6 book.. I donot know about the difficulty, but it sure took me 3 attempts to get the perfect scores.

- Trying the code in NetBeans helped me but for the 10 Chapter I felt better after compiling/executing code using javac/java to get all the ClassPath and directories right.

- The MockExams that came in the DVD with the SCJP6 book are great, you can also try certPal. Its the third one in the list SCJP Mock Tests

I am also trying to download and do ExamLab. I read that its much harder than the real exam though.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, I took a look at ExamLab - it looks like it's Windows only. I only have a Linux machine available to me. Does anyone know if it's possible to run ExamLab in Wine? Are there any other mock exams that run on Mac or Linux that are good?
Hi - I need some advice on preparing for the scjp.

I first read Head First Java, and then I read the Sierra Bates SCJP 6 book. I'm doing all of the questions in the book currently.

-are the Self Test questions more difficult than the questions on the SCJP6 exam? I have yet to get a perfect score at the end of each chapter. Should I redo them until I get them perfect or should I just move on to mock exams?

-to do the Self Test questions, I try to type out the code and compile it in NetBeans. Should I be typing out the code and compiling by using javac from the command line? It's faster to do this in NetBeans.

-after I'm done with Self Test questions, I will move onto Mock Exams - which Mock Exams are the best to prepare for the exam?


Abimaran Kugathasan wrote:

Tod Stroszer wrote:I see it now, thank you!

So, did you solved it?

First o1 is an Object, then it is cast to a 2 dimensional array, then the code attempts to cast a 2 dimensional array to a 1 dimensional array - this causes the runtime exception.

Yes, if you assign an array to a previously declared array reference the array must be of the same dimensions as the array reference you're assigning it to.