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Recent posts by Jagadeesh Balasubramanian

I have a job offer that mandates I take ATG developer essentials within 6 months of joining. They will be giving me training as well. I'm new to commerce domain.
Is this something possible??
I saw the online references in oracle website. I see there are lots of PDF's and wide variety of topics.
The company is saying it's possible. If anyone has tried their hands on the certification,can you please let me know what it requires in terms of effort & duration required for preparation?
Any ATG or Mobility experts here? I see the online community is favoring Hybris over WCS and ATG.
But ATG has been acquired by Oracle and might undergo some enhancements.
I know ATG currently uses frameworks like Struts, Nucleus & Repositories.
Apart from struts, I'm not sure if the other 2 have any individual space in the IT market. But I would be gaining eCommerce knowledge for sure.
Would you guys suggest working in ATG platform for 2 years? In future, would this experience add value?
People keep saying Mobility is the next big thing in IT market. But I feel the industry is still to have a consolidation as the device capabilities & OS capabilities are growing day by day.
Appreciate any inputs on these 2 platforms.
9 years ago
Yes I'm not reluctant to work on something new. I'm in a mobility unit of the company, the projects that can come here are mostly native/web apps based on android, j2me,html5,iphone etc. There is no clarity on what projects I will get to work on. I might be asked to work on a J2ME projects (which I suppose is already out of the race), Android, iPhone projects etc. There can be several projects that run from 5 to 10 months. There is no guarantee that there will a web component, even if it's there it could be on any technology for example .Net ASP.

Instead of this, say I get to work on ATG for 2 years, would it be more valuable? I will get to know the eCommerce domain as well.
9 years ago
I have 9 years of experience in developing j2ee applications (struts, spring, hibernate, ejb, jsp). Now I'm at crossroads to choose a job that focus on mobile development and the projects I might work on varies between j2me, android, iphone, SUP, html5 etc. I also have an option to switch stream to ATG ecommerce platform. I don't have much exposure to both these domains and I would have to start learning things from scratch for both these domains. I suppose ATG development might feel like an extension of working on J2EE stack not sure though. I want to continue on the technical stream and focus on becoming a good technical architect.

Any suggestions on which experience would be better for the profile?
9 years ago
With ever growing mobile web space, what all features in HTML5 you see will be good help in mobile web development?
Many companies draw a very thin line between these 2 roles with many responsibilities overlapping between the two.
But, it's tough to become a technical architect after you become a project manager.
Is this only in India?
How to keep honing the architect skills and prove them through the resume ?

10 years ago
What's the best way to convert XMLGregorianCalendar to Calendar with timezone information.
I have been doing like this so far. I need to do this because I need to compare dates in my code.

The app works on Dallas (CDT/CST) time. Now the xmlCalendar.getTimezone() is shown as -360.
At times the server is not able to convert this -360 to CST and hence the above code converts the time wrongly to GMT.
What's the best way to avoid this? Can I do -1 * xmlCalendar.getTimezone(), create a Calender for GMT timezone and add the multiplied figure?

11 years ago
I'm trying to learn about how distributed transaction works in Java.
My doubt is should all the distributed resources like JMS, Datasource etc under a single TransactionManager for XA transaction to work?
Is it possible for a method call from EJB running in one weblogic instance to another EJB on a different weblogic instance be in same transaction? If so how does the 2 weblogic container's JTA transaction manager communicate?
I'm not able to hit the right set of words in Google
Experts please help

11 years ago
Yes Deepak. We had few outofmemory issues with our server. The jmsstore size is 2 gb mostly caused by error queues.
The server restart also have been very slow. Once we had to kill the server and after that it refused to startup. The thread dump shows a fatal exception when reading from store. The jmx of the server is 2 gb. So it could be either because the force kill have caused a corruption of file store or the jms store size is too big.
We are planing for a test where we could load a jmsstore and see how the jstat results differ.
12 years ago
Thanks Paul. Probably might go on implementing the image approach if the client insists and tell them that it's not 100% reliable.
12 years ago
Hi everyone,
I have a doubt if having lots of pending messages in the queue could affect the memory of the application. The jmsservers are attached to persistent stores now. We have error queues configured that could have lots of messages unattended. The jmsstore size on the disk is approximately 2 GB. I have felt the restarts are much slower as the jms store size has increased. So can anyone help me understand
1. For JMSServers with persistent store, how much of JVM comes into play for production and consumption
2. During restarts, does weblogic load some portion of jmsstore into memory?
12 years ago
I need to implement open and click through statistics for emails generated out of the system. We have already implemented RFC3464 to track hard and soft bounces. But what are the ways to capture the mail opened by the reader or read by the user event when bulk emails are sent ??

Can someone throw some light on this?

12 years ago
Good luck with the Book!
The book seems to have quintessential topics that many research on, for EAI. With many open source and commerical vendors in the market, a patterns book will defenitely help in deciding the right mix.
13 years ago