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Recent posts by ilkin esrefli

Hello, there are such news that Oracle stops development of Java EE

If Java EE has stopped or handed over, what about Oracle JEE certifications? Is it recommended to prepare Oracle JEE certifications, specially OCMJEA?
Hello you must update like in 27th line.

Christoffer Killander wrote:Thanks Greg for your help
It got me further but i still have some trouble. (see the attached image)

The code right now:

Got any idea of how i can fix this ?


6 years ago
For limiting characters

7 years ago
Hello, please give me some information about this preperation kit, did anyone use it? What is your opinion about uCertify TestPrep for 1Z0-897?

I know differences between \\u0259 and \u0259. Maybe I couldn't explain. Try to explain like that:

below example input value is bel\u0259

run as

java Java2Uni bel\u0259
result: belə

11 years ago
So I need to know how below application convert it:\\u0259
11 years ago
Helo ranchers, I need your help. I need to convert given unicode literal value to unicode character. How can I do it? For example:

Please help for writing convert() method.

11 years ago
Hello ranchers,

I have trusted certificate .p7b file. I want to configure this for tomcat at linux server. But I have no keystore file for importing, some other keystore file importing impossible, exception throws: keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Public keys in reply and keystore don't match

I am trying to configure like below way:

Please help me, how can I solve this problem?

11 years ago
Hello my friends,

I have a problem about JEditorPane html source. When I read html source to my editor it changes html source. How can make it unchangable or what is the reason of problem?
There is parsing problem style='font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Palatino Linotype"' changes to font face="Palatino Linotype" size="11.0pt".

My input HTML:

But output source after reading to JEditorPane:

My simple source code:

Simple netbeans test application:

Thanks in advance
12 years ago
Hi ranchers, I need your help about removing styles. I have two problems.

I have code part below, and it adds style and shows

This adds html:

but when I want to remove this rule it doesn't work both


Second such another way and doesn't show result:

it also doesn't show result

Urgently help me please.
12 years ago
May be answers are B and D. under Consequences topic there are

Simplifies Entity Bean and Remote Interface
The entity bean provides a getData() method to get the Transfer Object containing the attribute values. This may eliminate having multiple get methods implemented in the bean and defined in the bean's remote interface. Similarly, if the entity bean provides a setData() method to update the entity bean attribute values in a single method call, it may eliminate having multiple set methods implemented in the bean and defined in the bean's remote interface.
Transfers More Data in Fewer Remote Calls
Instead of multiple client calls over the network to the BusinessObject to get attribute values, this solution provides a single method call. At the same time, this one method call returns a greater amount of data to the client than the individual accessor methods each returned. When considering this pattern, you must consider the trade-off between fewer network calls versus transmitting more data per call. Alternatively, you can provide both individual attribute accessor methods (fine-grained get and set methods) and Transfer Object methods (coarse-grained get and set methods). The developer can choose the appropriate technique depending on the requirement.
Reduces Network Traffic
A Transfer Object transfers the values from the entity bean to the client in one remote method call. The Transfer Object acts as a data carrier and reduces the number of remote network method calls required to obtain the attribute values from the entity beans. The reduced chattiness of the application results in better network performance.

Thanks for your kind help. I solved the problem. Solution is placed here
12 years ago
Hi, all ranchers, please help me.

I am using shef swing html editor, it uses JEditorPane swing component. I want to add feature for guard from change(delete, update) some signed block of html like netbeans editor. Netbeans editor prevent some parts of code from changing.

For example we have html as

I want to prevent <p> block from update and delete, other parts can change.
I need your help.

12 years ago
are you sure there is "+" as you write?
+c prints c's int value
c prints c's char value
hi All. I passed SCJP 5. But I want to preparing for next Java Certification. Which is recommended (SCJD, SCWCD, SCBCD, SCDJWS, SCMAD)