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I was able to buy the voucher for Java 2 SCEA by calling SUN on their contact no. Though it wasnot smooth as not all of the team member sin the training/certification dept knew about the fact that vouchers could be bought over the phone even after 29 Feb.
I could get through this and buy it after making 3 calls. Two of them were eager to inquire about it and one of them just reluctant and hanged down .
However I am happy I was able to buy and would say that all those ewho aspire to take this exam please call SUN . I am not sure how long they would continue to do this. I bought this on last Friday and received the email for downloading assignment just yesterday.
The lady at SUN said they would continue for a couple of days more.
So check it out with SUN. Good Luck!
Any clues?
Java 2 SCEA was to be available for purchase till FEB 29. Its still not end of day on 29 FEB 2008 today.
Please note that this link is not available at 7.30pm PST and 10.30 pm EST.
Have posted a note to SUN.
Hope to receive some assistance in few days.
Any thoughts , or info by anyone wouldbe very helpful and appreciated.