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this is a very sad state of affairs... reminds me of Mandal days. sometimes i wonder to what extent these politicians can go to please their target voters.
18 years ago
Hey I am interested too. Alokesh: if u r ready to share with me do lemme know. we can work out a deal.
Yeh with this last post I became a ranch hand.
Good observation....i will rectify the same. Thanx
Yes, all methods in an interface are implicitly abstract and public.
According to the Java Tutorial at their site, you may not use the private and protected specifiers when declaring members of an interface.
Hope this helps,
Thanks. I understand it now
Here is a sample code:
class Test {
static int x;

Test() {}

Test(int x) {
public static void main(String [] args) {
System.out.println(new Test(1).x);
The output is 1 and 0. Why?
x is static variable so the output should be 1 and 1..but is not?
Can anyone explain pls.
thanx in advance,
relax and view the questions carefully u will see the reasons urself
Now Abdul this is should lean to accept criticism gracefully...u asked for peoples views, they are entitled to their opinion isn't it?
Be a sport ya...
when i was a kid i used to thinks babies are made in a factory...when my brother was born i did'nt like hime too much and used to tell my mom please exchange him for another one....
21 years ago