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Recent posts by Deron McAndrew

Originally posted by Anderson Fonseca:
Dear Ranchers,

Today 09:00pm, i sent my assignment...
[ November 26, 2007: Message edited by: Anderson Fonseca ]

You are the man. Unfortunately my job is playing havoc with my certification schedule. If only I could break my habits of eating food and living indoors.
Here's my list of favourite architecture oriented books and a couple of development oriented titles in no particular order:

1) Design Patterns (Gamma, et al)
2) Core J2EE Patterns (Alur, Malks, Crupi)
3) UML Distilled by Fowler
4) Refactoring, again, by Fowler
5) Java Persistence with Hibernate
6) Definitive XML Schema (Walmsley)
7) The EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence specifications
8) Spring in Action
9) Mastering EJB (available for free online)
10) Head First Servlets and JSP (a bit cutesy, but really does cover the essentials well)
11) And finally from the Heresy Collection: J2EE Development without EJB by Johnson.

Seems like an odd list for someone who spends his whole day working on web services, but to be honest, I've never found a really good book on web services. They all seem to concentrate on simple cases that never actually occur in the real world of B2B services. As far as I can tell we're still pretty much on our own to figure out which books are talking nonsense, which are totally outdated and which ones actually contain a few valuable chapters (the O'Reilly book "Java Web Services" still largely holds up in the SOAP, WSDL, UDDI sections but when reading it you'll have to keep in mind that you'll likely be using much more up-to-date, higher level APIs).

I'll also mention one more book that I don't refer to as often as the others, but that has proven valuable to me. "Professional Java Security" from Wrox Press contains a lot of information on the basics of security. It's a bit dated and, I believe it's out of print now, but if you can get your hands on a copy it's still worth reading.

That's it. If you master all of the information in those books... you'll make hundreds of dollars!

Originally posted by jeremias lacanienta:

they're talking about scea5 beta exam. it usually takes 6 to 8wks before the result comes out.

Yes, the SCEA 5 Beta. I'm talking about the same thing. You can track your results through your Prometric profile. Currently my status for that exam is listed as "Tested". Presumably it will at some point change to "Failed Horribly" or "Passed".
You have to track the status from your individual Prometric profile.

Go here:

Create a new account or login and view your candidate history. You should see all of the tests you've taken with Prometric. If you don't then you'd better call their customer service and have all of your info linked up together under a single ID.