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Recent posts by Np Knp

I'm using SQL server 2005 through the java code to connect to my database.
When i try to connect I see the following error: The server principal "XXXX" is
not able to access the database "YYYY" under the current security context.
at keFromDatabaseErro
(Unknown Source)
at ts(Unknown Source)
at ndExecute(Unknown
at ExecuteQuery(Unkno
n Source)
at ement.executeQuery
Unknown Source)

Help me solving this.

Thank you,
Thanks Rob Prime for the suggestion.

I still have the issue open, even after using Applets.
12 years ago
Hello All,
I have a strange issue using JFileChooser. I have implemented a WebApplication with a browse option to a folder(not files). For this JFileChooser has been used. Strangely when I click on "Browse" button, the controller calls the JAVA class, and the dialog opens behind the browser (only for the first time). and next time onwards it opens on the browser only. Here is the code i have written:

So please let me know where it is going wrong.

Thank you.
12 years ago
sorry i forgot to tell that, it's a standalone application.
12 years ago
We have an application launched from Tomcat6. And we want tomcat console window to be closed when ever my application from the browser window is closed. Kindly provide the suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

12 years ago
I have created a file dialog using eclispe's SWT. Here is the code:

Now the issue is with the control. When I click on the "Browse" button from the JSP, the file dialog opens, but the control will be on the browser but not on the file dialog. When the file dialog is open and on click of "Esc", it doesnot close as the control rests on the browser still. Can you please suggest how to get the control on to file dialog? Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
I have a requirement where i need to read a set a value to a custom tag property by reading its value from a .properties file. When i read the value and display, it works fine, but when i assign it to custom tag property it gives me error.
Here is the code for file:
# For Sample Database
SampleDBName = genSQLServer
SampleDBUrl = jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://SampleDB;DatabaseName=Sample
SampleDBUserName = prakash
SampleDBPassword = prakash123

JSP code:
<% Properties p = new Properties(); %>
<% p.load(new FileInputStream(new File("C:\\tomcat\\webapps\\sampleapplication"))); %>

name = "genSQLServer"
driver = ""
url = "<%=p.getProperty("SampleDBUrl ") %>"
username = �<%=p.getProperty("SampleDBUserName ") %>�
password = �<%=p.getProperty("SampleDBPassword ") %>�
remove = "true"/>

When i use the above code it throws an Exception "No suitable driver".
But when i use the following code it works fine:
name = "genSQLServer"
driver = ""
url = "jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://SampleDB;DatabaseName=Sample"
username = "prakash"
password = "prakash123"
remove = "true"/>

And more over when i print the "SampleDBUrl " property value in the JSP using <%=p.getProperty("SampleDBUrl ") %>, it print the correct value, only problem occurs is when i assign it in the custom tag property.

Please help me in resolving this issue.

Thanks and Regards.
14 years ago