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Recent posts by Tina Ma

you can change the "content" of the same modal on the button click, instead of trying to open a different modal.
10 years ago
JSF is very easy to learn and use.
For static contents, you can have a directory "static" in the project directory structure, store all the static html/jsf pages in there with hard-coded code or "Application Scoped" backing beans if necessary.

10 years ago
yes thats a good question. i will also want to know about mock exams.
Probably you can answer my question best. If one is already SCJP certified, does he need to sit through the OCPJP certification exam? or is there a different test/fees to upgrade the old certificate.
ALso how much does certification help a programmer with 4 years work experience in his job search?
In a nutshell, what are the new features Java7's JAX-WS is capable of?
12 years ago
yes, it does. I suppose there I have my answer !
I am using EJB3.0 in my project. I need to write a task which will automatically run at fixed intervals. In this case, what are the advantages of using the EJB Timer vs java.util.Timer and related classes.
I used the word checksum referring to Jan Goyvaerts's original post. Now, I meant to use that word as a way of expressing "security and/or prevention of hacking" of the javascript code.
Bear Bibeault , I always had this question: will minimizing js help as a 'checksum' for the js code?
What exactly did you mean by a variable width of the column?
If you are trying to configure the same column with different widths under two separate conditions, then you can have two separate css styles and use the conditional style setting for the table element's style in the HTML.
If each of your checkbox item has an 'id' and a 'name' , you can use
HttpServletRequest.getParamterValues('name') to retrieve a String array containing the list of 'checked' ids.
It is awesome to see Bear Bibeault as an author again!
I was just wondering if you can inundate on some of the tools covered in your book for testing javascript.
Does the book provide any good guidance as to how to test my application for the android , besides using an android device to test it out.
13 years ago