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Kobe Luo

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since Nov 30, 2007
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Recent posts by Kobe Luo

I downloaded myeclipse and paid it.But i do not use it for bussiness, i just use it for practising my program skill.
How about you to release a free edition, in this edition, you can remove some features.
Why MyEclipse doesn't add struts2 function?
(i don't know whether the latest version has this function)

My main question is about text file encoding:
I set my java file encoding as "gbk",
and yesterday i copied some other files whose encoding weren't gbk into myeclipse, when i was saving them, myeclipse threw an error, it said the "gbk" encoding wasn't right, so i wanted to change it into "utf-8", but i didn't find bulk change for java file encoding, how can i do it?

And when i changed encoding of these files in netbeans, it was OK.
So can you think of changing this behavior?
[ August 19, 2008: Message edited by: Kobe Luo ]
Somebody tell me to use urlrewritefilter to do this ,but if i use this ,i can not use the struts 2 core filter.
Because if urlrewritefilter rewrite the given url successfully, it will not invoke filterChain.dofilter() to pass request and response to the next filter in the filter chain.
how can i rewrite url in struts 2?
15 years ago
Thanks Jaikiran Pai very much!!!
You gave me what I want!
I use MySQL indeed!

Thank you!
But i don't know why i should add length?
and why i can't add not-null???
Please explain!
Thank you
There is my configuration code :

When i use hbmddl to create the database table automatically, it throws a exception: BLOB/TEXT column 'content' in the specification without a key length

and when i remove not-null="true",it works ok

why i can't use not-null?
how can i configure it to use /action/~~
15 years ago
The default suffix is ".action",
and now ,i want to take it out from the form action(i don't mean to change it)
i see many sites have done it, how can i do so?
15 years ago
Which application servers integrate JTA implementation?
Does glassfish hava a JTA implementation?
And how can i configure jta in glassfish?Where can i find some references about this?

I want the answer on edge! Thank you!
i want to try jta, and i don't want to use the hibernate internal transaction,
how can i use jboss transaction or other?
my question is as the title said, i can't find some details about jta in hibernate. On the assumption that i use the jboss transaction as a jta provider, how can i deal with it? And i also didn't find any useful information in the jboss transaction reference.
There's no reason.
i'm just a newcomer,
so i want to try as many mapping types as possible
Why <one-to-many> can't be used in <idbag> ?
I try finding <one-to-many> in <idbag> .dtd descriptor, but i can't find it.
Why <idbag> doesn't include this?

if i enter nothing to the form element like text, the javascript validator can't know this, and the form can be submit without entered anything.
how can i do to avoid this?

Originally posted by Joachim Rohde:

You haven't browsed the first link that I provided you already, did you?

Now, I am still use the struts 1.x,so the link is not suitable for me now.
16 years ago