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Recent posts by srini carry

I am trying to generate jar file I want to include only .class files and no java files. I am not able to do this.

my root package name is myfolder

myfolder is in parent folder
in dos prompt Iam in parent folder
using the comand

jar -cvf pdfconverter.jar *.class -c myfolder

the generated jar also has java files whihc I dont want what is wrong in my command please advice?

9 years ago
I use tomcat datasource for database connection , our new requirement is to encrypt database connection , can jdbc connection be encrypted? can this be done with tomcat connection pool?

9 years ago
My project has a third party jar file which is complied by 1.6, my project I am creating a jar file this jar file I want to run on java 1.5 , please advice me how can I use the thirdparty jar built using 1.6 in my project which uses 1.5

Please advice.

9 years ago
I have a jar file which was created using java 1.6 . Now I want to run this using java 1.5 can I run this using java 1.5 ?
9 years ago
This is some example I can ofcourse put this in a property file , but this is a groovy file which I can change at runtime and app gets updated automatically , Please advice if I have this spring bean and I want to call getPropertyValue using spring expressions how to ?

Mark Spritzler wrote:Well because it is a getter, you can do, and one other thing, I think systemProperties is a predefined implicit reference in Spring Expression Language.

so maybe the AuditProperties bean should be called auditProperties instead

so change the bean name to auditProperties and try

Wait a second. Why aren't those values just in a .properties file that you load in.

so in a file called put

Then you can load the file via

<util:properties id="auditProperties" location="locationOf/>

Then you can use


What you are currently doing is reinventing the wheel. Even if you didn't want it in a .properties file but still in code, you are reinventing the wheel because Java SDK comes with a class called Properties.


9 years ago

Mark Spritzler wrote:Yes.


so if I have a bean class that I want to assign a property of that value I can do it.


my object is this

and I tried this

this did not work cant I do this ?
9 years ago
I need help in using the below configration using spring expressions

I have a properties object which has system properties

here is the spring configration

to inject a property from this bean into other bean I do this

and I inject the bean serviceUrl into other beans.

<bean id="somebean" class="blah.....blah.SomeClass">
<property name="someproperty" ref="serviceUrl " />

is there anyway I can avoid creating aserviceUrl bean and directly inject the propery into other beans using spring expressions?

Please advice
9 years ago
Attached is the image of jconsole conneted to tomcat, which Mbean are you referring to ?
9 years ago
reading tomcat log file every 5 minutes and upload it to ftp server will it cause any performance issues on tomcat, my tomcat is running ona server along with a a simple java application , this application reads the catalina.out file every 5 minutes and upload it to an ftp server , will this cause any issues on tocmat performance?
Becasue I will be reading the logs which tomcat is writing to so my reading and tomcat writing will this cause any issues on tomcat performance ?
9 years ago

William Brogden wrote:

I still want it to be accessed with /artms not just www.dnsname/artms not just www.dnsname ?

If I place it in root there wont be context root right ?

Right - If you want there to only be one web application on your server then "artms" must be the only directory under webapps, right? So remove ROOT, leave artms, and let us know what happens.


when I type localhost:8080 I get a blank page.
and when localhost:8080/artms my app.
but no errors .
10 years ago

William Brogden wrote:Obviously, your app must take the place of the default in the ROOT directory and you must remove all other directories under webapps.

I still want it to be accessed with /artms not just www.dnsname/artms not just www.dnsname ?

If I place it in root there wont be context root right ?
10 years ago
we used to host our app in weblogic , now we are migrating to amazon cloud so I am wondering to make it simpler is it a good idea to deploy our app in tomcat ?
weblogic the only problem is any new development I might face c lass loading issues , tomcat does not and its light weight simple etc.
please advice is tomcat widely used in production?

mine is j2ee app using spring, hibernate, cxf, camel, active mq,groovy,jasper reports,oracle databse.
Pelase advice.

10 years ago
in production I want to tomcat to host only my app is accessible at www.mycompany/artms but when I try www.mycompany I get the default tomcat home page how to disable this ?

I want only my app and no other aps.
Please advice me.

10 years ago
is there anything more I should worry apart from memory settings ?
I will create datasources, set memeory, what more should I do to make it production servlet engine?
do I have to check if path has sufficient space etc ?

is there anything in them machine i have to check? , this will be running in linux.

10 years ago
I am planning to run tomcat for my production server deploy my app in tomcat, I have to make memory orptions are set well.

I want to specify memory arguments in

I will add this line is this all we need for more memory? Please advice me , I am also new bee to linux I dont want to set environment variables but just modifiy for memory arguments.Please advice.
10 years ago