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Recent posts by Kevin Vercauteren

Thank you for your reply Merrill i indeed forgot to add my ContextPath to the url

Thanks !!

Kind Regards
16 years ago

The thing i wanna do is that when i have a Jsp with let us say orders for a customer when i click on an order numer i wanna get the details for that order and show it in a popup page instead of refreshing my entire page.

i placed the action mapping in the href section,

i placed the following in my head

in my Jsp i have my data ordered using the display tag library and one of the columns is:

The value "INTERN" is the primairy key for wich i will get the details.

In my Struts-XML i have the path:

purchaseOrderDetail.jsp is just an epty Jsp for now.

When i click on the gif my popup opens but i get this message in my popup:

Maybe i get the mappings wrong, or am i using the wrong tags, or values
Could be something else.

If any one could help me out =D

Thanks in advance

Regards -Kevin

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[ December 07, 2007: Message edited by: Kevin Vercauteren ]
16 years ago
Thank you for your reply Brent

I will look up to this solution

I also found someone who had the same problem as me on the next link:

I also got the same problem. After doing some research I found out the root cause of the problem (atleast for my case). But I don't have any solution on how to get rid of this issue. May be Microsoft can address this.

The issue is when "IE 7.0 is sending request" or "when there is some serious stuff being done on the server side" IE 7 is not able to play animation in the gif image. It is showing the image but it is not playing any animation stuff. For example in my "jsp"(JavaServer Pages) I have an animated gif image that contains progress bar kind of thing that moves from right to left (repeats) continously when user selects an file (path) and clicks upload button. The animated gif works fine in IE 6.0 and FF 1.5 but not in IE 7.0. The progress bar stands still at a position in IE 7.0 when the form is getting "submitted" (or when "sending request").

But when I open the same image in IE 7.0 directly by giving the file path in the address bar it is working perfect with all animation. So I think there is some defect with IE 7.0 with animated gif images not being played when the form is getting submitted or request is being sent.

If anyone has an work around for this issue please post here.


16 years ago
Hi everyone,

Im building a STRUTS application for my company and i wanted to implement a JS in my JSP pages.

The Page is accessed via a normal struts Action, everything works with Opera and

I found an example on the web wich works perfectly in Opera and Firefox but wont work in Internet Explorer 7

The DIV Layer does show in IE7 but it wont go away after the page is loaded ..

With FF and Opera this isn't a problem

Im using the following example i found:

If maybe someone has a solution or better option to make this work.

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards Kevin
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16 years ago