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You mentioned about two months prepration time. Could you tell me how many hours roughly you dedicated everyday and how much J2EE experience you have.
With that i need to set deadlines for myself for this certification.
Answer should be d as question states that "after any object is added to a session"
Hi - I am intersted to work on this, could you get in touch further.

14 years ago
I am also looking for the same, please share if you get some reliable information.
14 years ago
I would suggest you come alone first, leave your wife in India, stay here for three months so you can settle down, for three months you can stay with bachelors/roomates, so you will be able to save more, after 3-4 months you can get your wife to US.

1. You can buy a used car instead of new ,
2. Car insurance you have estimated is too high, if you have no hisotry here, max it would be $100 a month for used car
14 years ago
For answer to your second question you can refer
One correction:
If you use 'exception' implict variable without setting isErrorPage true, you will get a jsp compilation error
If you set isErrorPage = true , then you can directly access the 'exception' implicit variable.

here you are accessing the 'pageContext' implicit variable available to EL, which you can do in any page.

If you try to access 'exception' implicit variable here you will get an exception. It will work only if you set <%@ page isErrorPage = true %> in the page
DD doesn't specify any <http-method>, that means all methods are constrained, only manager can access this jsp (using all methods i.e. get,post,post,head etc)

So this page shall be restricted for users other then manager. And unauthorized users shall be prompted for login. (option 1)
This question has been asked and answered in many posts recently. Please browse through some recent posts and you shall get all clarification.
you can use the book, there are not much differences.
thanks neeraj,

unfortunately i dont remember my candidate id and its not printed on certificate. I will check the link you have provided for cert manager, right now it seems to be down till march 3.
I gather that scjp is must for appearing for scwcd.

I am about to buy a voucher for SCWCD, i was wandering how sun/prometeric will make sure that i have already cleared scjp exam. I don't have any records with me, but i do have the scjp certificate.

help pls