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Recent posts by Sundararaj Govindasamy

Much useful Info Ron :-)
5 years ago
Welcome Graham Wolk

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.
- Henry Ford

Stop and Just have fun with Java
5 years ago

I would like to suggest
5 years ago
Hai friends,

I am going to develop a Content management system using Apache Jackrabbit (Content Repository).
Is it possible to develop a web application by using Spring and Apache Jackrabbit?
Both are compatible?

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago
I am an senior Java/J2ee Developer
In my company i should develop a new system for knowledge management ( from scratch).
Required basic features are below.
1.Document Management ( Store in Database,search,user access levels, workflow,administration,version control,statistics and report generation)
2.Team collaboration ( forum,wiki or blog,multi language support)
3.Should be pluggable for our intranet portal ( J2ee based ) and so on...

Could you please suggest me which framework,tools(open source) to be used? ( Java/J2ee Based tools)
Is there any special/customized framework/platform is available to develop knowledge management systems ?

Please suggest me some technologies.

Many Thanks in advance
Hi Friend,
If you want to buy a SCJP voucher cheaply, instead of buy through online and pay in US$ , Just call to an pro-metric center in your city and buy the voucher in indian rupees, if you buy like this it may cost around 4500 Rupess (100 US$) only. You can find phone number of the pro-metric center in In the same city SCJP vouchers are selling in different prices and can avail different percentage of discounts. So Compare and buy.
For Chennai NIIT is the authorized pro-metric center.

All the very best for your great success
Believe yourself.You can do it
11 years ago
I finished my SCWCD in 20 days.
10 days ?? Why Not? You can do. All the best.
Hi Rey,

I suggest you " Java 2 : Complete reference " by herbert schildt to learn programming as well as Java.After completion of that book you can continue your learning with the books like Head First Java, Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel.

This suggestion is based on my learning experience.
11 years ago
SCJP 1.5 K&B book is more than enough to pass a SCJP 1.6 exam ( I did the same and secured 88%)
Hai Friends,
What is the difference between the SCEA 5 exam while compare to the old version. Study guide for 310-051 is how much useful for the SCEA 5 Exam ?
What is the hell of [ILLEGALLY COPIED MATERIAL] ? Please keep this site as a geniune one.Please get Certifications, Dont Buy it.
11 years ago