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I have recently started preparing for scbcd 5.0.

Books i am planning to read are: EJB3 in action,Pro EJB,Mikalai Zaikin study book.

But i have seen most of people saying that reading the specifications is
a must for passing the exam.

I have seen the document for specifications. Its too long and is more relevant to EJB provider.

What things i should read from this?
Thanks grishma. That would really help me.
14 years ago
session.getAttribute method returns you cannot directly get primitive out of it. you can use Integer.parseInt() method to retrive integer primitive..there are other methods also for other primitive parsing..
14 years ago
Congratulation |||| Thas really great score...
As there are no exam study guides for this you suggest that i go through objectives of exam and study only those topics from book?
yes i also faced a similar problem

Integer i = new Integer(10);
String j= new String("10");
then i.equals(j) returned false...
but when i used i.toString().equals(j) it returned true..

really was surprising as in case of i.equals(j) internally should have used toString() of i and j only
14 years ago
check out below link...yes if uri is not specifed then it is taken as real path from context root..

link to sun website for referecnce....
below is what i used...

integration tier -> DAO ....belo code lies in integration tier..
hi Bear Bibeault ,

i thing this post belongs to correct string to date conversion comes under "java in general"...
14 years ago
Go for scwcd 5.0. Scwcd 1.4 will be discontinued soon. Besides it will help you grasp newer consepts....
hi shobhita,

first of all java 1.5 and 5.0 are one and the same..i cleared my scjp 1.5 using kathy sierra's exam study guide book..thats enough on book front...
once you are done with book knowlege you take up mock or simulator exams available on which i used was whizlabs...
preparation time depends on your grasping power...many things in scjp takes time to understand and lots more to memorize...with me i took 2 months entierly..but as i said it depends upon your grasping...

yes its a very intelligent decesion to go for scjp at fresher prior experience is required..

hope this helps..if anything more you want to know then do write me...
it will take max of 10 days to update the score..have patience..
while you are performaing CRUD operations using hibernate..thens surrong that code using beginTransaction and endTransaction....querying generally does not require this...Try to use DAO pattern.
SimpleDateFomat line is wrong...
instead of passing actuall string to SimpleDateFormat,it should pass the pattern..

eg :-

14 years ago
hi,can anybody give me understanding regarding RETURN,CONTINUE,BREAK keywords ....when they are used?how they are used? what are unlabeled statements and labeled statements... i need simple explaination of these keywords and their uses...
thank you

consider while loop

This loop is to skip processing when i=5...continue is used to skip further processing for current loop and continue from begining of loop.
consdier onother while loop

This code will start loop from i=10 to i=100..when will come out of loop..
break statement is used in loop to break unconditionally out of the loop...

return statement is used to return from running can return value along.

conside method of java

here int is the return type of getValue function...this function on calling returns value 5
14 years ago