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Recent posts by ajay verma

hi all
my question is

i want to know the difference between java 1.4 and java 1.5?
and which one is better!
15 years ago
i do not know about character large object as well as binary large object.how these are related with jdbc?

kindly guide me with proper answer!

1.string is immutable where is string builder is mutable
2.In stringBuilder, automatically increase and decrease size of string object whenever add elements and delete elements .Where in string , it is fixed size .
3.StringBuilder can performe a insert(),Delete(),Reverse(),Sort() operations etc and we can create multiple instances .Where as String , It can't perfome .
4.StringBuilder takes enough memory for variable .Where as String can't perfome
16 years ago
what is difference in string and string buffer?
16 years ago
can i dynamically create a table from the front end with the help of java?
how it is possible in hibernate and ejb?
16 years ago
why java doesn,t support multiple inheritance and why interface supports
multiple inheritance?
kindly guide me with the proper answer!
16 years ago
hi jesus

as per my request kindly suggest me with the help of programming , in which the particular instance is serving to million of transaction.

thanks again
as i know jsp after compilation becomes servlet code .so why don't we use servlet instead of jsp.what is the extra feature in jsp so we use jsp for front controlling .is it beacause of user interface or something others in the jsp?
kindly guide me!

thank you
16 years ago
as i know,we can't create a object outside a class because we are using a private constructor inside a class.
can any one suggest me the exact definition of singleton with the the help of programming?
kindly suggest me with the exact definition with programming!

see the example like: log out
when you click on "log out " how it is taking the address like:


you replied the solution,but it is different

kindly see in the javaranch page,the whole page contains many hyperlink (means they are creating the shortcut of hyperlink) ,

you just click on on hyperlink button and see,one option will come like:

open in new window

save target as..
print target
create shortcut
add to favourite

how it is possible

kindly guide me.......

thank you
what is hand sacking process in ajax.
and how it work properly with java script ?
kindly guide me ........

thank you

this is the address i want to write different like : see here or click on this link.how it is possible to show to other user so that they can click on the link like
see here


click on the link

instead of clicking on the


i am waiting for your reply

this question is related to javaranch

i clicked on the close (x )button of web browser and after some time i opened the web browser again then i saw,my session is not logged out.

please give me the detail description of web browser(x) button and (logout) button of an application
what we do for both in the program so that application invalidate your session?
16 years ago
what are the difficulties with expression language?
and where we use the user interface in the jsp
can you explain it with a good example(inside that user interface must be available) so that i can understand?
16 years ago
how can i come to know about the deadlock ?
can you explain with one good example(program) so that i can understand you?
16 years ago