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and there could be context parameters in the web-app:
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should be
Hi all,

is there a comparison between the following commercial SCBCD preparation kits?
Enthuware's EJBPlus V5 for SCBCD 5.0
Whizlabs' SCBCD 5.0 Preparation Kit
uCertify SCBCD 5.0 PrepKit

Especially I would like to know which one's mock exam questions are closest to the real exam? Which one has the best explanations to exam questions?

Hi Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates,

I have seen the book recommendations and all the tips how to learn EJB, but I would like to ask you experts how you did manage to learn EJB? Did you just read the specifications or did you have advice from the specification writers? Did you have the time to read introductory books about EJB?

Cheers, Frank
Hi Prajal,

> Please could you tell me if there were many Generics questions and what was their difficulty level?

I don't remember exactly how much generics questions I got, but I think you can expect to get as many generics questions as in the mock exams.

> But Generics scare me

What exactly is the problem with generics for you?

Cheers, Frank
15 years ago

yesterday I passed the SCJP 5.0 exam with 77%.
Here is how I prepared:
1. I read the excellent KB book and did the self tests. That took me about two weeks, studying almost every day including weekends.
2. I did some of the mock exams from and depending on the exam results I reread some chapters from the KB book and wrote little programs in order to understand things better, which took me another two weeks.

In taking the mock exams I realized that I couldn't get through the whole exam answering every question, because I am too slow: after about three hours there still were about 10 out of 72 questions unanswered. So I couldn't do the multi-pass-go-through described in the KB book on page XXXVII. I did it this way in the real exam: trying to answer every short question first, marking the ones I am unsure and leaving off the long ones; then answering the long questions and afterwards reviewing the marked questions.
The questions in the real exam were easier than in some mock exams, so I managed to go through all 72 questions.

I wish all of you who will take the exam good luck and don't give up.
Cheers, Frank
15 years ago