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Recent posts by Phani Burra

Guys !!! Does anybody have a solution to this issue. Please help me.. Its kind of important. Any information regarding the same will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
16 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I got this error message while I was running a simple bean application in RAD 7.0. I created an cmp entity bean "CustomerEntityBean" in which I have a "findByFirstName(String name)" method which is mapped to a customer table in my oracle database. I did the ejb to rdb mapping and the fields are correctly mapped and while doing the mapping I checked whether it correctly connected to the database and the test passed. For testing the bean I created a client class which will call the finder method of the home interface.

Can anybody help!!!
16 years ago
An init block runs everytime an instance of the class is created.
Hello Ranchers,

I have quick question wrt Strings in Java.

In the above code the first condition x==y is satisfied but the second condition x==y2 give output false but both x and y2 have "ab" in them. My understanding of strings is that these string objects are stored in the string constant pool memory and whenever a string is created it is first checked in the pool memory and when it is found then the object is referenced to the string in the pool. But this doesn't justify the above condition. So please can anyone explain what happens in the memory for the above situation. Thanks in advance.
Hey thanks a lot man....I am currently using that book. I actually waited for sometime for someone to reply and did my own research and finally ended with it. Nyways thanks for replying back.
Hi Ranchers,

Can anyone suggest a good book for object oriented analysis & design in java. I need a book which gives me good explanation on how to approach a problem, in the sense given any real world problem like say "How do you design a parking lot?". Now my approach would be to first know what all elements comprise a parking lot and what all classes I need to implement it and what attributes and methods the design should have and stuff like. Basically I need a good book which explains how to come up with the design of the problem using OOPs concepts. Any suggestions regarding the same will be very helpful.
The first error page element that matches the exception is called. Yes order is important.
Yes you do not need to configure session binding listeners in DD but all others need to be configured
Check out the Sun site
for information on scwcd and scwcd links.
isELIgnored is very much an attribute of <%@ page....> as of jsp spec.
${i < j} in this case since you say that i and j variables are not visible to EL expression, their values are defaulted to 0 since it a arithmetic expression in an EL expression. So the 0<0 would result in false.
Check out the jsp specs. Only name and property are the jsp:getProperty attributes.