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Recent posts by Prashant Padmanabhan

Thanks for the wishes everyone.


Congrats and keep applying what you had learnt.

Definitely! Lucky for me that I'm working on my 2nd EJB Project
Surely this certification ride, will come in handy in real implementations.

13 years ago
Yes.. that's right..
I passed the SCBCD 5.0 exam today having attained 60/61 correct 98%.
And like a good citizen of the open source java community, here's my success code.

Preparation Time and Methodology:
  • Just more than 1 month
  • I bought and read O'reilly Enterprise Java Bean 3.0
  • Once I got my basics correct, I read the EJB 3.0 Simplified API specs.
  • Then moved on to EJB 3.0 core specs a few chapters later switched to SCBCD 5.0 Study Guide by Mikalai Zaikin.

  • (I chose to refer all three Core specs, MZ guide, and O'reilly's book. Lot of it made sense this way.)
  • Had Netbeans setup with Glassfish for practice.

  • I had glanced through Manning EJB 3 in Action, Mastering EJB 4th ed, Pro EJB 3 JPA. (5 to 6 chapters from each of them) some time back.
    Personally you don't need to refer lot of books.
    But reading the same text over and over such as the specs will certainly help you. It helped me!

    Last six days before the real stuff, I tried my hands at a few mock exams.
    Final 3 days read all chapters from MZ Guide per day!! Kept referring the Core Specs when in doubt.

    Well that's how I went about it.

    Thank you Mikalai, your guide certainly saved me lot of time.
    And thanks a lot Bill Burke for having authored a wonderful book.

    "Your friendly neighborhood coder"
    SCBCD 5 98%
    SCJP 5 95%

    13 years ago

    Great score.

    I've prepared for about one month and read HFSJ twice. I did some mock tests from JavaRanch, JDiscuss and Examulator.

    To get 92% without referring to any other book than HF says a lot about the book.
    14 years ago

    Did you find any question(s) that the Head First book did not cover.
    I'm asking since the book was not written with SCWCD 5 in mind.
    But as they say not much has changed between the two.


    Just to be clear about this, an IDE -while nice to have- is not necessary to develop with JEE.

    Thats true indeed especially if you are preparing for an exam such as
    SCWCD. You wouldn't wont the IDE to do all the work and and not let you play
    Only difference other than the changing the name and code of the Exam is,

    CX-310-081 vs CX-310-083

    SCWCD 1.4 -- CX-310-081 version details
    # Number of questions: 69
    # Pass score: 62% (44 of 69 questions)
    # Time limit: 135 minutes
    SCWCD 5 -- CX-310-083 version details
    # Number of questions: 69 (same)
    # Pass score: 70% (49 of 69 questions) (Increased by 8%)
    # Time limit: 180 minutes (Increased by 45 minutes)

    The below objectives present in 310-081 have been removed from CX-310-083 under,
    Section 7: Building JSP Pages Using the Expression Language (EL)
    # Given a scenario, write EL code that uses the following operators: aritmetic operators, relational operators, and logical operators.
    # Given a scenario, write EL code that uses a function; write code for an EL function; and configure the EL function in a tag library descriptor.

    Section 11: J2EE Patterns has been renamed to Java EE Patterns

    This is all the info I found on Sun Certification site.
    So the objectives haven't changed but some have been discarded.
    The Passing percentile has increased and so has the time limit.
    Congratulations buddy looks like you and me share the same score

    It turned out to be a lot simpler than I expected.

    That's because you were prepared for the worst case scenario.

    Enjoy your victory lap.
    14 years ago
    If casting is what you want to achieve you should do what Vishwa Nath suggested.
    In the loop just cast your variable l to be of type List<String>,
    this will still produce an Unchecked cast warning though.

    To achieve the same output without any warnings you could change your code, to use Object type in the loop rather than String.

    Which produces the output as

    Since the toString() method of String object gets called polymorphically, you see the above output.
    Hi all,
    I recently passed SCJP 5 on 24 july 07, having secured 95%. I chose Java 5
    exam 310-055 over SCJP 1.4 because, Java 5 is such a major release and
    contains many changes in the Java language itself. Moreover i appreciate
    the new language enhancements such as Generics,for-each, autoboxing etc..

    After J2ee 1.4 came out JEE 5 which has its own set of major changes.
    Must notably EJB 3. Now from a certification point of view.
    Sun offers SCBCD 5.0 (CX-310-091) which targets EJB 3 (JEE).

    But, i couldn't find any updated SCWCD exam covering the new 2.5 spec (JEE).
    So should people go for the SCWCD for J2ee 1.4 or choose the SCBCD for JEE
    5, after passing SCJP 5?