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Shows me certified as well today, where did you see the score?


Just saw the CertManager, says Certified for SCEA 1(Old version).

Can anyone tell me where to look at the scores?

This forum is of great help. Thanks to all.
[ October 06, 2008: Message edited by: Pav Arora ]
Hello Gurus

I tool part 3 of old SCEA on 9/11. When can I expect the results for 2 and 3. I heard now a days they are getting back with the results pretty soon.

Can someone who got the results recently share their experiences abut the timeframes.

Hi Jeevan

How much time did it take to get your results after you took part 3?

Did you get any email for the outcome of the test?

Thanks much
[ September 23, 2008: Message edited by: Pav Arora ]
Time counted = 'When you download the project' - 'When you upload the project'.
Hope this help.

Nimeesha, check your othe thread.

You can do that and may also call Sun to confirm it.
Sun training - (800) 422-8020 (US number)
Write me a mail on and I'll reply with the notes.


You have to subscribe to scea_prep yahoo group and look in the 'Files' folder of the groups. Most of the SCEA1 Part 1 material you would need is there.

For Pete Morgan's notes search for 'Pete Morgan' on this forum. You should find the link.

I also read Mark Cade and few more sample questions on yahoo groups too(forgot to mention earlier).

I took SCEA1 and not SCEA5, so no questions on JSF and JPA. For UML, there were nearly 5-7 questions.
Not a very tough exam, as I was expecting it to be. But the time seemed to be short for the textual questions.

EJB specs 1.1
Design patterns
Pete's notes (very handy and useful)
Mock 288 questions from yahoo groups.

1) Since the time is short mark the text questions(if needs more than 1 reading) for the last.
2) The textual questions says stories which might be irrelevent to the actual question read the actual question asked. Normally it would be the last statement in textual questions.
3) Use opt-out strategy for choosing the right answer.

1) Purchase the voucher from Sun.
2) Call up prometric and schedule the test. They will ask the voucher number and schedule it. You don't need to pay prometric.

Just called Sun again with the same question(If we can buy Part 2 and part 3 after Feb 29). The answer was YES and the guy said there is a special team which works with all the voucher things but those won't be available online and you would have to call us to buy part 2 and part 3.

This is the second time I am getting the same reply from Sun.
I DO NOT think so. Please call
Sun training - (800) 422-8020

and share their reply here.

Here's the Sun training number I called; after talking I told her to mail me what she told me as I need to have something in writing. She gracefully agreed and sent me the mail I posted.

Sun training - (800) 422-8020

Please post the reply you get.
I am planning to take part 1 soon and asked the same question from sun and heres the reply...

> The customer that has purchased a voucher prior to the EOL date will
> have access to CX-310-300A and CX-310-061 until December 2008. It
> will not be sold, but will be available in the backend at Prometric
> for candidates to complete all three parts.
This means you will have to call us to purchase parts 2 and 3.
> Regards,

I would say just reply to the prometric email with above reference and ask them what if you have to resubmit the Assignment...??? where will you get the resubmission voucher from..will that be stoppage for you to become SCEA??

The only differene I see is the location, I am in US; does that really matter?
Yes, you can take Part 1 after Feb 29. But mind you you have to take all the exams ie Part 1, 2 & 3 before Dec 31 to get certified.


Good luck