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Recent posts by narain ashwin

Passed OCEJWCD (JEE 6) in September 2017. I scored 87%.

Having worked on these technologies at work I decided to consolidate and validate my knowledge. I started reading HeadFirst and then followed it up with Charles Lyons book. The enthuware mock exams were very helpful.As you get older you realize how challenging it is to allocate time for dedicated learning and practice, nevertheless I am completely satisfied with my efforts and result.
3 years ago
Developing Web Services with Apache CXF and Axis2, 3rd Edition Jan 2010 is a really good book for beginners. Once you go through the first few chapters you will get a basic idea about WS. After that you can experiment with various frameworks like JAX-WS, Axis2, CXF and Data bindings like Jibx, JAXb.
8 years ago
I am developing a webservice and in order to comply with my organization standards I need to use IBM JAX WS framework with JiBx binding. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to specify the binding in WSGen/ WSImport tools . If you have faced a similar issue in the past and solved it or found an alternate solution please share it.
8 years ago
Hi all,
I am looking for a Data structures and algorithms book that would help me understand the following things
1. Different data structures like List, Map, different types of tress like B-Tree, Red black tree
2. Sorting algorithms like Heap,bubble,Quick etc..
3. Searching algorithms
4. Big O Notation

I am short on time so I need to learn them over this weekend, please suggest some book that would help me achieve this goal. TIA
8 years ago
I am currently working for an employer A and now I am considering an offer from employer B. I have the latest paystubs but I don't have W2 form since it is just 9 months I came to USA. My question is do I need a W2 for h1 transfer/ can I get one whenever I an quitting my employer A even if that means issuing a premature W2 in the middle of the year?
Also do I need my original educational documents or a photocopy will suffice? I have my documents back in India so I am not sure if I should have them here.

Also if people who have done a h1 transfer can elaborate on the whole process and steps it would be of great help.

8 years ago
Hello all,
So after reading the threads in this forum I think I have figured out that I should appear for OCE-JEE6-EJB (EJB 3.1 version sans JPA) . The SCBD link here in Javaranch lists the resources for preparation. I am having trouble on deciding whether to buy the O'Reilly EJB 3.1 sixth edition or EJB 3.1 Cookbook, both of them have bad reviews on Amazon. So folks who have already cleared the certification please let me know the pros and cons of them and possibly suggest which one to buy.

Also here is my certification plan,
1. Study one of the above listed EJB 3.1 books
2. Study the EJB 3.1 Specifications
3. Study Ivan Krizsan's notes
4. Buy either Enthuware or ePractize labs exam
5. Appear and clear the certification ( Hopefully )

Please let me know If I am missing something in my plan. Thanks in advance.
I have a query on the Endpoint.publish() method

Whenever I run this class in my eclipse Helios IDE it seems to start a new server. But when I try to run this from command line it gives and exception that

I am not able to understand the cause of this error. Should I include any libraries ?

My second question is how does Endpoint.Publish starts a server in my IDE, since it is a pojo how can it start a server and bind a port in my machine? The only difference I note is that I have included Apache CXF libraries in classpath while running the server from IDE, is Apache CXF responsible for starting a new server. Please help out
9 years ago
I have read in many books that design should be transparent, changes should be transparent etc... But I am not very clear what 'transparency' actually means in this context. Can someone please clarify this with a example. One transparency I can think of the run time polymorphism in Java like

where we can see what the base type is pointing to just by looking at the code. Is this also transparency?
10 years ago
I am currently working with a software service gaint in india for almost 4 years in java/j2ee and now I have an offer for XXX, bangalore for a java/j2ee position. I am weighing my options before taking final decision. The things that impress me in XXX are the work culture & the Agile software development model and I was promised that I will be put into one such development project. I am also looking to improve myself in design and technology with XXX. But what I am not sure is how good is a product company after a stint in a service company?

Also if I stay in my current company for another year I will get a onsite opportunity, so I want to know whether there will be onsite opprtunties in XXX? People help me in choosing a career path.
10 years ago
Need some website where are I can browse through the new English music albums(AKon,Rihnana) released and a world chart kind of thing.
10 years ago
Hi all,
I am preparing for SCBCD. As directed by many exam takers here, I want to read the sun EJB specification. But I am facing some issues in downloading it. The Sun download page here gives the specification for EJB 3.1 and JPA 2.0 . But SCBCD tests EJB 3.0 , so which version should I download? Same is the case for JPA specification too.

Please guide me in downloading the specifications (if possible provide links).Thank you!
I want to know if EJB transactions can be applied to any other resource other than the DB connection? What I understand is that Commit and Rollback on transactions execute the corresponding commands in the db connection. So it can be deducted that it doesn't make sense to define a transaction for business methods that don't perform any DB operations. Am I Right?
I have property getLibrary() in my form bean. What I want to achieve is, alert this property value during page load. I have coded

The first alert message gives the value of the property. But the second alert message is not showing the property value.As per the documentation for
<bean:define> it creates a scripting variable and an attribute. If it is really creating the scripting variable why doesn't it work in the above sceanrio?
10 years ago
I need clarification on lifecycle call back methods and interceptors. In Chapter 5 page 166 in the book EJB3 in action, it is given in a table that
"May throw runtime exceptions but must not throw checked exception" for LifeCycle call back methods.

But I have a method annotated with @PostConstruct and I am able to throw all kinds of exceptions from that method viz. IOException, AirthmeticException. and my weblogic doesn't even warn during startup. Can someone please explain the exceptions in interceptors and life cycle call back methods in detail.
I have prepared the below notes covering the basic ways a servlet can get information from outside world, kindly request you to validate whether my understanding is right