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Recent posts by Dean Jones

Hi ranchers,

Can any one tell me the difference between normal Java Beans and Enterprise Java Beans?

Thanks and regards
So basically, what people think is that, it is beyond our control to stop cheating or destroying sites/people providing exam dumps.

Best we can do is, be honest ourselves and apply all that we learn during certification at the right time and right place.
Hi Ranchers,

Ever since, I cleared the SCJP exam,I have been I have been receiving private messages in Java Ranch, with people asking for SCJP dumps.

People seem to resort to cheating rather than hard work to succeed in the exam and in the process insult all others working honestly for the exam.

Can we do anything to stop this cheating and get rid of the so called dumps.
Hi Ranchers,

I cleared the exam, last month, but don't know how to get the logo. Can someone help me out with the links of getting it.
As far as my preparation is concerned, it was 3 passes for the k.b. book, then the mock questions at the end of all the chapters. After that I tried with whiz labs and java beat.

Whizlabs questions are a bit tougher than the original exam, I scored on an average, 78% on the whizlabs mock tests, but in the exam scored got somewhat higher 90%.
14 years ago
Yes,the book for version 1.6 is already available, though you can try with the scjp version 5 book as well.
14 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

After lots of hardwork and support from you fellow ranchers,I cleared SCJP 1.6 exam today, with 90%.

Thank you all.
14 years ago
Hi Vyas, did you check in the java docs API?
As far as the drag-drop questions are concerned, enthuware comes very close to those of the real exams.
The following is a question from JavaBeat mock exam.

The choices are given as:

1. The program will output 'Active Thread' pause for a while and then print 'Inactive
2. The program will output 'Inactive Thread' pause for a while and then print 'Active
3. The program will throw a run-time exception.
4. The order of the outputs will vary upon execution.

Correct answer is given as choice 1. But I thought, it was option 4, as the order of thread execution is entirely VM dependent.
Well, the best are the exercises given at the end of each chapter of K&B book.
Thanks a lot Ankit. You are truly one of the live wires of this forum.
[ September 06, 2008: Message edited by: Dean Jones ]
Here is the link

Bala, were you formerly,this gentleman
[ September 06, 2008: Message edited by: Dean Jones ]
Thanks Ankit. But I need, some more help on this. The link you provided, gets me to this page,
but could not find, Sun's free test there.
Hi Ranchers, can somebody provide me the link for Sun's free evaluation test for SCJP 1.5 and SCJP 1.6
Thanks in advance.