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Recent posts by Bharadwaj Adepu

If any one knows regarding this please reply!!!
10 years ago

I have a problem in Analyzing Java Thread Dump, Nomenclature of Java thread dump that i pulled out is quite different from normal thread dumps.

Below is an excerpt from the thread dump i've taken.

Now below is an excerpt from a normal Java Thread Dump

Normal thread dump contains parameters like Priority, Thread ID (tid), Native id(nid). where as these are not present in the thread dump i've taken.

Can anyone please explain me why is it so? FYI, i've taken the thread dump using JDK's JVisual VM.

Thanks in Advance
10 years ago
I have installed eclipse on HP-UNIX machine and i have tried running it but it gives out an error

Please help me out what is the problem here?
I am having a few lines of text like

The above mentioned text is one String.
To search this am giving the regex pattern as

This means
The line starts with //
Then followed by any character any number of times
Then followed by a new line character.
This entire group can be repeated one or more times
But this doesn't work.

And for this below text

The difference between both the texts is only the New line. The first text is multiple lines and second text is a single line.
Can any one please help me here. What is wrong with the first pattern. How to represent new line in Regex? I have tried \n, \r but nothing works there.
Please help me out
13 years ago
Hi All
How can we suppress a Null column in a reslutset? I mean, suppose a table has three columns and only two columns has data and the third column is entirely Null, when i fetch the resultset, i get this null column also. But while using this result set i have to suppress the empty column. How can this be done?
While fetching from resultset, how can i know whether the entire column is null?
The problem is solved.

I have removed the space in the window name and renamed it to 'Job_Status' and it works.
Dont know how it worked with Firefox
i have problem with the function..
here is the piece of code

But the same works fine in Mozilla Firefox. What is the problem here?
Hi All
Thanks a lot for your Help..!!
Now am able to boot the two instances of the tomcat independently, and both are up and running.
13 years ago
Thanks a TON Tim ..

But i have a question here, when i want to start one instance say TomcatA, then the other instance TomcatB also starts, even both instances would stop at a time when i run .
I want to start and stop the two instances independently. How can this be done?
13 years ago
Now am able to change the port number,
I have changed the catalina_home and base, this is working now.

But the problem am facing is, as i have 2 instances of tomcat, i have to declare the catalina_home variable for these two instances. how can i do it differently for these two instances?
13 years ago

This is the error am getting when i've set the path as
export CATALINA_HOME=/usr/tomcat/Tomcat4
export CATALINA_BASE=/usr/tomcat/Tomcat4

Am i doing any thing wrong?
13 years ago
I think this may be due to the cataliana_home variable,
how can we set the catalina_home for different instances of the tomcat on one unix machine.
13 years ago
I have changed the ports in server.xml, but same problem persists.
13 years ago
Am have Tomcat4 and Tomcat6 installed on my hp-Unix machine,

Tomcat 4 is running fine with port 8080, now i have changed the port number for tomcat6 as

but this doesn't work, i cant run both the servers at one time.

I have done this as i nee two different instances of tomcat.
One more problem here is, if i shut one server down the other is also getting down.
Please let me know, how can i change the port number. and how to use two instances at same time.
13 years ago
Am trying to install Eclipse IDE in UNIX.
I have first extracted .gz file eclipse-jee-ganymede-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz using

gzip -d eclipse-jee-ganymede-SR2-linux-gtk.tar

Am getting this error when i tried to extract the .tar file using command

tar -xf eclipse-jee-ganymede-SR2-linux-gtk.tar

And the directory checksum error at last.
Whats going wrong here?