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Recent posts by Rizwan Patel

You can set this property on the Marshaller for including the namespace in generated XML.
11 years ago
What error you are getting when using JAXB?
11 years ago
Please provide the complete stack trace
11 years ago
Hello Ranchers,

Can anyone point me to good resource material for learning and implemnting the WS-Security in SOAP based services, please?

11 years ago
Hi Mark,

You can create the data structure in XSD and take this approach as a starting point. NetBeans have a practical demonstration of this kind of approach in example section.

12 years ago
Hey !!

After a years' preparation finally completed the Web Service Certification with 90% (I cant believe it)

Thank you Ranchers for all the post in the Certification forums.

Ivan Krizsan's study notes are really helpful, thank you

Also, the practical knowledge of WebServices helps alot.

Once again thank you all!!!

12 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

Currently my requirement is to deploy the Quartz job using Spring framework, to be executed at a particular time.

I have managed to derive the job, trigger and springContext.xml file for this task. Also, I am getting the desired result as a stand-alone application when executed via a testclient's main method.

Now, i need the help in deploying this onto the Jboss server and I am stuck in that as we don't want to deploy it as WAR.

Any suggestiion or help is very much appreciated, please help

Below are the code components i have attached for the reference.

Implementation class :

Delegator class

Config File

Please help...
14 years ago

Actually the problem is having with the version of the log4j.jar and I need to take the higher version and use the iBATIS API method for setting the logging mechanism to log4j.

Thank you very much for your valueable inputs.


Is there any updates on my problem. I had try again by putting both the config and sqlmap files in the classpath, but still not resolve.

Please help me to resolve.

Dear David,

I have deployed below jars related to iBATIS .

Is there any other jar is missing? or my config xml are wrong? I am attaching config file as well.

And my sqlMap file is as below:

Please help me.

Hi Ranchers,

I am currently stuck with a unique problem.

I need to deploy the MetroWebService on JBoss container, with iBATIS as object relational mapping tool on a remote server.

This is working perfectly fine with my local environment, but when I deployed the same on the remote server iBatis SQLMapClient object is not getting created its throwing the Initialization error.

Please have a look at the below stack trace.

Below is the code file written for reading the sqlmapconfig file and creating the sqlmapclient

Please help me to understand where the actual problem is involved.
Hi Jay,

Looking at your web.xml the request /servlet/Parameters should satisfy the requirement and display the page.
But, one problem is how come the request /servlets/coreservlets.showparameters get generated?? I dint understand by looking at the servlet as well as your html.
Will you please clarify from where these request generated and where in web.xml it is mentioned?

14 years ago

Are you saying that adding the alert causes the error?

What's with the "writeSpace(1)" functions?!

Thank you David for responding.

I had removed the external alert box and the page works fine.

writeSpace(1) is just a javascript function which writes the given number of spaces between two elements. If you pass 2 then it will write the 2 spaces.

For the further details i am providing yout the external javascript file use for eventHandler registration with browser

Please suggest is there a new way to register the eventHandler in Firefox 3.0.7?
Hi Dears,
I have further dig the source code for this module. and found that the alert message generation in
some exception scenarios are done via an external servlet. As soon as we click on the OK of alert box the
page gets blank. and When done the view source for that I found that FORM tag completely missing!!!

Is there any sort of changes done in event handling in Firefox 3.0.7.?

Please suggest where to look for.
Hi Ranchers,

Any lights on the below problem. Please provide me a way to look forward in this issue.