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Recent posts by mc moisan

Thank you Mike for your reply
Hi everyone,
By the way, i still haven't solve my initial problem with the use of class Vector, seems like either my Connection or Statement brings problem...cause the list never populates !!!
Do you have any clue of what could go wrong ???
Thanks again for your time.
Gush and gush again
MC (*|*) my eyes are getting cross side (by looking at my code)
20 years ago
Thanks to Mike and Dip for your help,
i had done <%@ page import="java.util.Vector" AND import="myPackage.myBean"%> !!!
thank you for the advice with iPlanet
BUT what is this iPlanet environment anyhow???
MC (*_*)
20 years ago
Problem still !!!
I did what Bosun suggested PERHAPS it always open in another window, i wish to get it open in the actual form which contains a table... is that possible ??? if so, please help.
I tried the /and many other possibilities,
but nothing works as i want it to. !!!
Thanks for your time all
MC (*_*)
20 years ago
Thank you kindly Bosun,
You were of great help, have a great day !!!
MC (*_*)
20 years ago
Thank you Tim,
Perhaps I'm not sure how to do what you suggest me to do.
I'm new with JavaScript and JSP, so could you please be more descriptive on how i should submit and activate the URL.
Thanks again for you time.
MC (*_*)
20 years ago
Thanks Anoop for the reply.
Unfortunately i can't test it right now, the dataBase is down...
probably a Friday thing I will let you know as soon as tested.
Any other suggestions are more than welcome.
Great weekend to U.
MC (*_*)
20 years ago
Hello all of you,
Tell me if it's possible to do this...
I want when a button is pressed to validate the information with JavaScript THEN...AND PERHAPS i need to include a JSP file or HTML file with this operation, it would look like this.
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE=" Add a row." ONCLICK="return addRow(this)">
function addRow(objForm)
// OR
<jsp:include page="extraRow.html">
return false;
// End of addRow().
I sure hope i make it clear enough for you, tell me please how i could manage such an inclusion.
Thanks kindly.
MC (*_*)
20 years ago
Hello all,
I wish to add a row in <TABLE> tags which
contains <TR> and <TD> and in the <SELECT... i want to fill the OPTION VALUE with the results of a Vector named vecType.
<!-- here we call the select() method to add the value and work type categories. -->
<% out.print(insertList.connect()); %>
<% out.print(; %>
<% Vector vecType = insertList.getVecType(); %>
<% for (int i=0, j=1; i < vecType.size(); i++, j++)
<%= out.println("<OPTION VALUE=j>" +"j. " + vecType.elementAt(i) + "</OPTION>"); %>
The tricky part is that after connection, i call a select() method which includes the following code.
//THE BEAN IS CALLED insertList.
public String select()
Connection contact = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc racle:thin:scott/tiger@thename:PORT:thename");
Statement requete = contact.createStatement();
ResultSet resultat = requete.executeQuery("SELECT type FROM work_type");

while ( )
vecType.addElement(resultat.getString("type") );
What i need to know is how to get it to insert in the actual <OPTION VALUE=... via the JSP and get what the vector contains???
Seems like i don't have the right way to do this.!!!
Please help and thanks for your time.
Good day!
MC (*_*)
20 years ago
Here's some "deja vu"... a drop down list(pop-up)
<OPTION SELECTED VALUE=1>1. Administration <OPTION VALUE=2>2. Meeting
<OPTION VALUE=3>3. Mailing
<OPTION VALUE=4>4. Financial
The question is, I would like to offer the possibility to users to add any other option when they choose/select OTHER.
Could anybody tell me if that is possible or if I'm dreaming...
I thought of a dialog box which I could recuperate the value and then add it to the drop down list. Perhaps I don't know how I can manage to do so ???
Honestly I am quite new in business !
Any references would be also nice!!

Pretty please answer me,
MC (*_*)