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Recent posts by Gopi Krish

I completed SCJP and also want to write SCWCD. I am preparing for that. I have knowledge on theory part but not on practical that is on project side. I want to complete application usage in a Project so please suggest me any open source project site or guide me to do a project. I am kindly requesting you all people. Please consider this request as a personal request to all. I am waiting for yours fast reply.
hello to all

i am preparing scwcd exam will you please
assist me to get through this exam
please help me to get a good percentile in the exam

I Gopi krishna would like to say thanks for establishing this site.
I have secured 84% in SCJP 1.5. and I didnt want to stop my certification with SCJP I also want to write SCWCD too. So please guide me to get a good score and can you all give me any new versions of SCWCD that is 1.5 or it seems to be 1.4 is the version in the exam.

Thanking you

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