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Hi, Today the new has been confirmed. Oracle will buy Sun Microsystems. What Will happen with our certifications? will continue will dissapear?
Maybe SCEA now will be called Oracle Certified Enterprise Java Architect?
Factory Homes...Factory Homes...Factory Homes
When I saw this assignment for first time last year i thought 'It's so easy...piece of cake'. But when you develop entire assignment and re read the pdf and revise it, a lot of new ones things are necesary, for example more use cases. The domain model is so confused, i thought Complete Designs, Product, House??? What the hel....
I recommend to all new SCEA assignments workers 'DOCUMENT YOUR ASSUMPTIONS' in the index.html.
Be careful with requirements like 3DModeling tool preview. It's a show stopper requirement. If you think that the 3DModeling tool is Adobe Flash plugin that reads the generated XML from B2C Factory Homes App, It's Ok. 'DOCUMENT IN YOUR ASSUMPTIONS'. Also include in your sequence diagrams.

Don't Be lazy!!!


Wilmar Rodriguez C
Project Manager Professional(preparing), SCEA5(Factory Homes Assignment) , SCEA OLD (Flight By Night Assignment), SCBCD 5, SCWCD 5, SCJDWS 5 , SCJA, etc etc etc etc etc.......
Yes, I passed, 150 of 160 points.
I worked with this assignment, may i help you?
I agree with you Ashwin Pai -> 3 Top 'Technical Risks' in the PROJECT and mitigation Strategies
Yes i agree with you on scalability must be addressed in the design phase. But always is a Risk if the system grows.
The idea is detail the risk and its mitigation strategy. For example increase with vertical scalability(Horse Power), if not horizontal scalability for example
create a plan for clustering Web or EJB Tier, put oracle web cache, put load balancer, whatever.
This point is one of the first topics in SL425 SCEA5 Course.
Again i agree with you. The Java architect must orchestrate the correct design of the application including FR and NFR but risks are those situations maybe could be happen.
This question concerns about technical risks on your proyect and their mitigation strategies, for example
What happens if the system can't have good scalability? , What if a lot of throughput?. What if a bad manageability?.
How you can fix this? This is the mitigation strategy.
Man email again and again and again until you have a good response.
In my case only two days to set up the priviligies
Re schedule your essay. Upload first your assignment
Try this

ServletOutputStream ouputStream = response.getOutputStream();
ouputStream.write(bytes, 0, bytes.length);
You can use UML or 2.xx version. The important thing in your assignment is that all diagrams must be UML Complaint.
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It's a great moment in your professional life
You must use another driver that supports XA for example DataDirect or Microsoft Driver directly. Put drivers in lib in your domain folder

Sorry for all.
It's not possible share SL425 Sun Courses because i have hard copy. Also like instructor i can't do that.
Sorry again,
14 years ago
McGraw Hill Book is strong for Old SCEA Exam, but in some parts some tips for new SCEA exam are included.
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14 years ago