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Recent posts by Ram Manoj

Thank you all very much.

Thank you Mamadou

And Good luck for you SCJP chasers.
Prepare well, stay relaxed.

And its the way to get a sound score.
I thank Nicholas for hard coding 'relaxed' word into my brain.
16 years ago
continued from.. last minute suggestions

Hi Ranchers,

I am very happy to share with you that I got my score report at last.

I scored 91%.

I thank you all the Ranchers and this forum from whom I got the motivation to go ahead with the preparation on the right track, and had a peek through the intricacies of the Java Language.

Lastly, As everyone would ask what next?

I am an Ajax Web Developer with two years experience with Struts 1.1 as the Web framework.
(I have not ventured into Struts 2.0/Spring or use Hibernate, something I could not get enough of an opportunity. I feel i am Framework-wise old fashioned, use of Ajax being the only positive.)

About trying for web-component developer(SCWCD), i feel am not using any java based web-components, instead use pure Javascript based components.

I have not much idea of Web-services, but feel a prospective area for me to launch into in future.

And why people are not talking about SCJD after SCJP?

Please advice me.
[ June 24, 2008: Message edited by: Ram Manoj ]
16 years ago
I wonder why people are not talking about SCJD after SCJP?
Hi Ranchers,

Sorry for not replying immediately.

Thanks a lot and a lot and a lot for your inputs.

I have just given my SCJP 5 exam today. [Delaying by a day, I thank Sun for giving the flexibility in taking the exam only when ready i.e., walk-in on a day when ready and give exam.]

Unfortunately I was not able to know the result because of a printing error at the testing center. And there is no onscreen result display.
I was told of will be informing result within a week by the test center.

Originally posted by Nicholas Jordan:
I would continue mocks, study or whatever up to the exam but at a more relaxed pace. You likely will either make it or not, last minute stress is the opposite of what one wants to do.

This struck me a lot. The quote kept buzzing me every time I was likely tense or hurrying up. It kept me relaxed all the way.
Thankyou Nicholas.

I was expecting a modest to good score, maybe 80+.
[ June 10, 2008: Message edited by: Ram Manoj ]
Hi guys,

I am planning to give my SCJP5 exam on coming Monday.

I have given atleast half the mocks suggested in ScjpMockTests

And think so was somewhat comfortable with K&B book, start to end.
But of the two mocks of K&B, I have given one and got only 70%.
The second mock I will attempt tomorrow.

Any last minute suggestions.
Ya thanks Robert.

Probaby must be '\u000a' is an invalid unicode charector.

But in the question of Valentin's mock exam, it was given as

'\u0048' is 'H' and '\u000a' is a linefeed (LF)).

Ok Thanks Jitendra.

That sums it up.

Thanks Robert, Mustafa and Reddy in taking this discussion further.

Hi Frank,

Originally posted by Frank Zito:
does this help (modifies main method though) ?

It works wonderfully. And the use of synchronized for ordering is brilliant.
But here the join() method does little.Even if we comment out join() methods, the threads are synchronized and seemingly join each other, but then I suppose the order is not guarenteed.

I have modified my code so it can accomodate multiple threads in an ordered way.

But then how do we accomplish the same task using join() method instead of using synchronized block code?

Ranchers please put in your views.
Thanks Marco.

But how about this

source: Valentin's Mock Exam.

The code doesn't compile.

Why cannot we use more than one Unicode charectors in String literal?
[ June 06, 2008: Message edited by: Ram Manoj ]
Hi Frank,

I think there is confusion here.

What I want is 't2' thread join 't' and 't3' thread join 't2'.

So for this how do i modify my code!
Thanks Mark.

This's been a long lasting doubt for me.

Can you point to a link related to this.
From K&B book

Whenever you're done using a file, either reading it or writing
to it, you should invoke the close() method.

But when using chaining with I/O classes is invoking the close() method on the Top wrapped class like PrintWriter or BufferedReader sufficient.
How does the mechanism of close() work when chaining?

I have two questions.
1.In one of the mock exams, I came across an option like "Unicode characters like '\u0048' may be used to create String literals." and was given correct in the answers.
But if tried
It printed \u0048. Is it the correct way to use Unicode charectors in String literals.

2. Is the finalize() method guarenteed to be called exactly once before an object is garbage collected?
From K&B book.

When one thread calls the join() method of another thread, the currently
running thread will wait until the thread it joins with has completed.

Here is a sample program, I coded to understand join() method.
Here t.join() is invoked from the main method. The 'main' Thread will wait till thread 't' has completed.
Here do I modify the code, if I want the threads 't','t2','t3' be executed one followed by the other irrespective of 'main' Thread. Output:0 0 0 before join
1 1 1 2 2 2 end of main
Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks Jitendra and Bob.
For clarifying the true definition of inheritence and superbly with the analogy by Bob.

Don't think me otherwise.
Still something is itching my mind.
Are n't static methods when being redefined following the rules of overriding?

If it can be helpful/useful, please reply or close the discussion here.