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Recent posts by Ratan Pawar

Not always.But whenever shopkeeper is doing related task and then if he gets a Order then i want to show a popup alerts.
I tried the ajax at background but if i moved from order page to another shopkeeper related page its not working.
Right now if he goes to order page , he can see all the orders with updated new orders.
Hello Friends,

i wrote a application for online shopping using servel,jsp and MySQL.
Having two users as shopkeeper and customer.
customer can give a order.And shopkeeper sees the all orders.
Now i want like this whenever a customer gives a order,shopkeeper can see this order in popup alert as "you got a New Order"

How can i do this?

Problem is solved.
i put innerHTML property before append to table.
it works.
Thank you.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Bear Bibeault:
You need to reference the parameter by the name that you give to the element.

yes i am gave referance parameter to element. opotionid is the rownumber
and in servlet i gave as itemunit_j which is as element name.
in servlet i used for loop to getting the values of all element which append into table.
but i enable to get the value of element into servlet.
when i remove cellUnit.innerHTML from jsp code then i get value of input element into servlet but i want to use innerHTML.
15 years ago
i am creating a dyanamic table in jsp using javascript and appending the input form element into table cell but in table cell i am diaplaying name using innerHTML.For this i wrote the following code.
Now i want the value of input element elUnit into servlet.
i tried it using type input also but it gives null.

what should i do?

[ June 11, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
15 years ago
yes i am trying it with applet.
it is appletviewer.because i added applet tag into applet java file.
16 years ago
yes.i want it start through ant.
16 years ago
i write one applet file with applet tag.
when i run it using appletviewer it successfully run.
but now i want it through ant.
how i add this into xml ant file.
16 years ago
How to run applet file through ant?
16 years ago
i use Sphinx 4 for speech recognization.using this i take speech input into swing successfully.But now i want to take speech input into HTML page.
Is it possible to take speech input into HTML page?How?
i created a soft keyboard using javasrcipt.
and put it in the bottom frame and main application interface in main frame.
now i want to put keyboard and main screen in single frame.
but now keyboard is like pop up.meance i keyboard button.and when we click on button keyboard is pop up on main screen.
i have implemented a web application using Servlet and jsp.
i followed MVC pattern.
now i want to implement admin module for this.
in which admin create user and and user group.
and i want to give privilege to the user as group wise.
i giving some particular number to the user depend upon this number i gave access to module of application.
So give me some more guidelines to implement this admin module.
is any special for this authentication.
i read about JAAS but its for frameworks.
i only uses servlet and jsp.
as dividing web helper and web handler classes.
16 years ago
client and server is on same computer.
16 years ago
i am saving image on server.
when i run it on one m/c as client and server is same its working.
for this saving image as file in temp folder i use path as c://workplace/stud_app/jsp/temp/Filename in servlet.
but application run on cvs as server is different i could not save image.
i tried as request.grtContextPath+temp/Filename its not working.
how i get this server path to save file.
i use Eclipse to run application.
16 years ago