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i also found (SortedSet) class and method tailSet() .it is also not in k&b book
in f and h both accessing b() which have class level lock(static).so calling object doesn't matter it is locked for the first one and second doesn't access.
i am extremely sorry for the question i asked and my behavior.
i was asking this because one can't have permission to go to compile in the test so how do come to result.
dear Jasper,

i am not finding the fact behind the questions that is why i am asking.if it is not answering machine then stop this forum and do rest at home because everyone here is to get answer to his question.if you can not give answer then just stay quite and let others consider.
thank you.

[BPS: Removed code tags]
[ April 29, 2008: Message edited by: Ben Souther ]

And the four code fragments:

s1. SortedSet sorted = s.tailSet(s.first());
s2. SortedSet<String> sorted = s.tailSet(s.first());
s3. SortedSet sorted = (SortedSet)s.tailSet(s.first());
s4. SortedSet sorted = (SortedSet<String> s.tailSet(s.first());

Which, inserted independently at line 7, will compile?

only s1
only s2
only s2 and s3
only s2 and s4
only s2, s3, and s4
only s1, s2, s3, and s4

Which two results are possible? (Choose two.)

6 7 8 9
6 7 8 6
6 7 8 6 7 8
6 7 8 6 7 9
6 7 8 8 6 7
6 7 8 6 6 7 8
6 7 8 9 6 7 8 9

Which is true?

The output can never contain the value 10.
The output can never contain the value 30.
The output can never contain the value 297.
The output can never contain the value 820.
The output can never contain the value 1010.
this is a question of k&b book
book is K&b scjp5 .

i have doubt in answers i listed..
i need to know why they are correct???
??page 620 question 16??

public static <E extends Number> List<? super E> process(List<E> nums)

A programmer wants to use this method like this:

output = process(input);

which pairs of declarations could be placed at // INSERT DECLARATIONS HERE to allow code to compile?(Choose all to apply)

B. ArrayList<Integer> input=null;
List<Integer> output=null;

C. ArrayList<Integer> input=null;
List<Number> output=null;

E. List<Number> input=null;
List<Number> output=null;

F. List<Integer> input=null;
List<Integer> output=null;

(d) change the Sheep class to:-

(e) change the Wolf class to:-
why (d) and (e) options are not correct?
please explain.
In india scjp exam are worth paying masters are giving exams on behalf of anyone who does'nt know abc of do anyone believe on the can hire the master in 5000-10000 rs.what a shit!!
14 years ago