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Recent posts by pavi

my script file is
ClASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:"$JAR_DIR/hello.jar //my java program
PARM="-Dlog4j.configuration=log4j.xml" //this file is included in the hello.jar

if [`pwd` != "$JAR_DIR"] ;
echo "Can't change to $JAR_DIR."
exit 1
java $PARM -jar myJar.jar $parm


i gave ./ welcome

i am getting the java class is not found:/org/apache/log4j/LogManager.
13 years ago
I have put hello.jar and log4j.jar through ftp in aix server.
i wrote a script to run hello.jar by setting classpath for both the jar files in .sh file.but i get logmanager is not found when running the script file.

help me in resolving this
13 years ago
Actually in my project i send a file to queue and the other server receives that file from queue and process it and then put the processed file in the same queue and i receive the processed file from that queue.

java program will always be listening to the queue for any new message.

now the problem is that i receive the same file which i in this case how to receive the reply file alone from queue.
actually the file is a mainframe specific file which is called as a ps file(partition sequential)file.currently the mainframe program runs a job to convert the ps file to text file and puts the text file into the queue.

From the queue java reads the text file.but now we need to read the ps file it possible?
13 years ago
Actually i want to read a mainframe file from java.

Is it possible to read a mainframe file directly using java APIs without converting the file into a text file?

Thanks in Advance
13 years ago
Suppose i have sent 10 files to the queue and i need to receive only the fourth file from the it possible in JMS?
i am referring to the page in the pdf document.that is it is in chapter 7-7.1.2
thanks for your reply.i know what is uniand bidirectional relationship.
actually my doubt is that

for example both seller and item has reference to each other.Like that why cant the bid and bidder have the same but it is declared as only unidirectional.

we can say that one bidder places zero to many bids and also we can refer many bids are placed by one bidder which is bidirectional.but in the book only unidirection is mentioned and for seller and item they have given one seller sells many item and many item is sold by one seller.

please clear this doubt for me

Thanks in advance

i have a doubt in domain modeeling in chapter-7 of ejb in action book.

while mentioning the relationship between the domain some are bidirectional and some are unidirectional.i am confused in this.

for example seller and item has bidirectional relationship while bidder and bid has unidirectional and order also has unidirectional relationship with other domain.

on what basis the relationship is determined.please clear me this concept.


Don't try to read the entire file into memory.
Read a small chunk, write it out and repeat.

Hi joe

i didnt get your concept.actually i need to get the file length and then split that file into 100kb file and pass it to queue and from queue another program collects that files and merge all that splitted files into one file to get the original file how to do as you have told.
do help me if you have any suggestions.
thanks in advance
13 years ago
Thanks Henry

I created a batch file and is working fine.

now i want to know is there is any maximum size that we can specify or the size can reach upto 1GB or the size depends on the ram size of our system?

thanks in advance
13 years ago
i read that The -X options are non-standard and subject to change without notice.

below is a code to find the memory size

System.out.println("MAX MEMORY = " + Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory() / 1048576 + "MB");
System.out.println("TOTAL MEMORY = " + Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() / 1048576 + "MB");

when i run this it prints 63MB as MAX MEMORY and 4MB as total.

and after the below command

java -Xms512m -Xmx512m MyApplication

it prints 512MB.

but again if i just give

java Application
i get the memory size as only 63MB

what does it means?so for every time we run the file should we set the size or what? how to set the size permanantly for the application to handle bigfile?please do help me .

Thanks in advance
13 years ago
In my project i need to split a zipfile of any size into 1MB files and then merge it to get the original file.My java code works fine upto 58MB zipfile but for the file size greater than 58MB i get the following exception

"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"

Is it possible to process a 500MB zipfile in java?
If possible how to process.
please help me to resolve this.

Thanks in advance,
13 years ago