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Recent posts by Lee Kian Giap

Congratulation !

May I ask is the Upgrade Exam IZ0-805 only test those topics of new Java 7 ? or it is actually like the normal exam which test the entire topics just like the IZ0-804?
9 years ago
Anyone have idea on what to put on the reason for leaving past/current job ?
12 years ago
I am a Developer who have 3-4 year experience, I see problem on the software development process from initiation till release (e.g. business value of the software, quality of the developed product from user view and from developer view, etc.), and I am keen and have interest to gain knowledge/experience and improve the process and product.

I don't want to keep writing code just to fulfill requirements, I wish to do things which bring business value. (to avoid misunderstand, I didn't mean that coding doesn't bring business value)

Does all this related to Project Consultant / Project Coordinator ? How to move into this kind of Role ?

Thanks !!
12 years ago
Well, not sure what is your expectation on the answer for this question ...

- security: SQL Injection (solution: PreparedStatement)
- performance/resource: connection/resultset/statement not close properly (solution: properly close in multiple finally{} of exception handling for each closing)
- design: repeating code (solution: Template Design Pattern, or use Spring JDBC Template)

... etc.

For Servlet/JSP,
- design: abuse MVC (solution: use framework, e.g. Struts ... but still able to abuse by sucks developer)

... etc.
12 years ago
Thanks for reply.

Realize that they are using C related programming if not wrong.

Well, so for those Enterprise Level Application, the most valuable application to be embarked on is SAP ? Any others ?
12 years ago
I have 3 years of Java/J2EE Development experience, and have partial ACCA.

Will all this help me to move into JD Edwards related job ?

Anyone is currently working on JD Edwards related job give me some advice ?
12 years ago
Sorry, I can't do that ... may improve interview skills to ask and make sure you get what you want.
12 years ago
(A)Suppose your question is about Java Interface:
1) you have many subclasses that implement the Java Interface provided in jar file
2) you are using coding to interface (e.g. InterfaceABC abc = new ClassMyImpl(); )
3) so polymorphism happening around all your client code

Suppose some x only change the Java Interface name , and method name left unchanged
Old Java Interface name: InterfaceABC
so your implementation classes name: ClassMyImpl implements InterfaceABC

now some x change the Interface name to: InterfaceXYZ

you create a new Interface with name: InterfaceABC extends InterfaceXYZ
you don't need to change your implementation classes name and all the client code that using polymorphism.
(BUT this will break polymorphism which calling method of implementation classes in jar file, because different class hierarchy)

(B)Suppose your question is about interface (means method definition) instead of the Java Interface:
Solution: use Design Pattern "Adapter Pattern"
12 years ago
Now started to create a checklist of what I can accept and what I can't for my next job search, and reading this book "Land the Tech Job You Love" ... learn from mistake
12 years ago
Resigned from the job ... too many years of throw away codes ... and don't have a change encouragement environment
12 years ago
When they first come to interview, don discuss about the job scope first, give a test paper for them to work on it

1) if your company software is already up there and just need a programmer to write Java code to change some Change Request
and your company just need Java programmer who don't know Object-Oriented and code like a C programmer
a) a question on simple logic ( for...loop, if...else, switch...case, etc.)
b) give a Class with static and non-static method, ask them to write their own class to call the method

2) if your company software development follows good practice, design pattern, architecture, layering
a) prepare MCQ which similar to those SCJP , and only test those question related to what your company need
b) get a technical strong staff to interview that guy on all those concept (and HOW did they use it practically in past experience)

... what I am trying to say is ask and test them on what your company WANT and NEED

I have go through companies which give those MCQ test up to SCJP standard, test OO concept, and talk about MVC, multi-tier, layering ... but end up their code using Map/Vector as a Class to store attribute and value (argue that it is for flexible), getting to see presentation layer code call stored procedure directly, business logic in controller .... So, if your company doing all those things (which I don't want to argue whether it is right or wrong), you need to discuss all this with the candidate, and find out whether they feel that they are suitable for this ... but not trying to hide it.
12 years ago
Similar situation, anyway team lead told me just follow as is every time I raise a question, because decision is from management level. For example, prepare Detailed Design Documentation by changing code into pseudo code.

Good Luck
12 years ago
Thanks for your wishes.

But I have no idea to carry out the transition. Is it that difficult for a Developer to transit to other career ?
12 years ago