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When the webcontainer gets a requests it creates Request and Response objects. Then creates a thread for the servlet being requested and then passes the objects to service method of servlet. When the service method completes, the web container sends the response back. After that request and response objects are destroyed. Note that service method gets the objects as parameters and its job of container to create and destroy these objects.

Hope this helps
I dont think simple tags synchronize on any any of implicit variables. Can anyone confirm?
Use instead of . There is no valid tag as <servlet-config> in web.xml.
Congratulations. Keep the good wok going.
13 years ago
Congratulations. It can not get any better
13 years ago
Yes! It is true. Please do not doubt what the HFSJ book has to say. Its a religous book for SCWCD and it contains words of truth. Just kidding, its always good to get doubts cleared.

There are two ways we can make sure the session never expires.
Through web.xml:

Through HttpSession interface method in a servlet:

Any negative value means that this session shall never expire, unless you forcefully invalidate it using HttpSession.invalidate() method.

Hope this helps.
Nice score...
Feel proud to be a SCWCD
13 years ago
Congrats... Its Party time...
13 years ago

I have my exam on 28th May and I was also having lots of problems with EL and Custom tags. But after reading Head First Servlet and JSP chapters on EL and custom tags, I am pretty much confident with these topics. I would recommend HFSJ Second Edition for these chapters and Security, Design Patterns chapter.
Register on and ask for the kit.

Before this works, your Prometric center shall have sent your scores to Sun.

In case of problems contact Sun or Prometric.

Congratulations. You are a rockstar!!!

13 years ago
Here is what i think, the TLD location does not need to be specified in the web.xml if the TLD is cotained in META-INF folder or its subdirectories in the JAR file. The question is unclear about the fact that whether the TLD is contained in META-INF folder or root of the JAR file. If its in the root I think we need to specify the location in web.xml.

I am also not sure for the case when TLD is in JAR root folder and not in META-INF folder.


I was one of the guys who asked Mustafa regarding the simulator. Its because I do not have a credit card and cant buy the simulator. Asking for simulator is not cheating...

I live in Pakistan. Do not have a credit card. I have the money though and I really want to get the JQPlus and Whizlab simulator. What are the possible ways there for me to get the Simulators???

I know one way that was suggested by Mustafa that is to send him a cheque and he will share his key with me... Somebody really thought that people asking for key are DUMB.

Well, if the creators of JQPlus/Whizlab are here... Please provide us a way to buy the simulator in Pakistan. Or we will keep searching for other means as we do for Microsoft products as it is really hard to get a legal copy of windows in Pakistan.
[ June 17, 2008: Message edited by: ahmed zaheer ]
Its 200 dollars. I am not sure how much it would be converted to Indian Rs.

// Zaheer