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Recent posts by gupta prakash

Can any one please tell me what is the difference between and

1) What is the main purpose of WebServiceContext. Is it used internally within the service to store some data and processing?
2) Can we access the SOAPHeaders through this WebServiceContext?

I am having 2 EJB stateless web services. first service used the @Resource annotation to get a reference to the WebServiceContext.
what does this contains? Does it holds the reference to the SOAP Headers? And my first service(say A) will invoke the service(B) internally. So this WebServiceContext in A will be available in B?

11 years ago
I am using the BEA Weblogic Server9.2 version. I need to invoke a service using the WebService control from a plain java class. But I am not able to initiate the control and getting the null pointer exception. Why does the control is not getting initialized? please tell me how to initiate the service control.
14 years ago
I too got the same help from google. But is seems to be a evaluation version. Is it the common way/only way to connect to FOXPRO? Please tell me if there are any other ways to do it.
Can any one please tell me how to connect to FOXPRO DB form java? What is the JDBC driver required for that and what are the jar files required for that? Please help.
1) For Interfaces, you cannot have any kind of concrete method.

But in the abstract class, apart from having only abstract methods you can also have some methods for which implementation is provided. i.e., you will have atleast one method declared as abstract.

2)And also Interfaces can extend 1 or more interface, whereas the abstract classes cannto extend more than 1 class.

In other words.. abstract classes are some what flexible when compared to interfaces.