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Recent posts by Farrukh Najmi

Pradeep Mudaliar wrote:Hey Joanne,

Thanks for the response. I was unnecessarily beating around the bush. The solution is quite simple and clear. Thanks again!

Hi Pradeep, can you please post your simple and clear solution. It would be a big help. Thanks.
11 years ago

I determined the cause of the problem. In my JComboBox sub-class I was incorrectly overriding the setSelectedItem(Object) method and not calling super.setSelectedItem(Object) when I should have been.

13 years ago

I have a non-editable JComboBox with some pre-configured choices via a model.
The choices display fine in dropdown menu when I click on the JComboBox.
As I move cursor over the choices they get highlighted. However, when I click on a
choice they do not get selected and instead I see the default item stay in the combobox.

What could be the reason why I cannot select from drop down list in my JComboBox?

Note that I am not including any code as my JComboBoxsub-class and its model are fairly

Thanks for any help.
13 years ago

I like google maps a lot but cannot use it in my development due to licensing and usage restrictions.
What open source alternatives alternatives are available on Android platform for google maps that
are available on a liberal open source license? Thanks for your help.
13 years ago
I am looking for a simple way to do this:

* Parent thread starts a child thread
* Child thread blocks until parent thread terminates and then does its processing

What do folks advice? TIA for your help.