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since Jan 31, 2008
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Recent posts by surabhi jain

I have cleared SCJP 1.4 with 86%....and large credit goes to javaranch....thanks to all...

Well it seems i am now addicted to Java...So what should i do next....what after SCJP???

I am thinking of making a Java Messenger....will certainly be needing help of javaranch...
[ February 08, 2008: Message edited by: surabhi jain ]
16 years ago
yeah if we consider that x still retains its previous value even after ++x the answer follows.....but the problem is why is the old value of x still retained in the expression.....anybody please elaborate...
Question goes like this::

What causes compilation to fail???

Answer is line 11.

Please explain how???

[BPSouther: Added code tags]
[ February 07, 2008: Message edited by: Ben Souther ]

I didn't get the point...i couldnt answer the questions that sunny posted...someone please explain....
i am planning to give scjp 1.4.....plzz tell if we are supposed to do and java.awt package for it......they are not mentioned in scjp exam objectices but appear in mock tests...
plzzz tell me the funda of hashcode....i studied khalid mughal but couldnt get much of it....