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Recent posts by gigel chiazna

Swing Led Ticker Component is a Java Swing library that offers simple and customizable implementation of led based ticker tape displays into Swing applications. The component can be used to scroll any type of information: stock quotes, news, weather info, product prices etc

For more details, please visit:
17 years ago
Led Ticker Component is a Java component that can be used to show scrolling stock quotes in a stock market similar led display.

for details, please visit:
19 years ago
is there possible to have a fixed column so when you scroll
the other columns first column to stay put?
19 years ago
Perfect Java Swing calendar (also known as date picker) component, ready to use in your Swing applications featuring:

- simple and documented interface, easy to extend with other features

- color schemes (predefined and customizable)

- special highlighting for weekends and adjacent days

- set first day of week, set days names length

- low price, free support & updates

Visit us at:
19 years ago
Led Stocks Quotes Ticker Applet is the perfect browser embedded tool you can enhance your site by showing real-time stock quotes values in a stock market similar led display. Main applet features are:
- real time quotes values: the applet gets the quotes values from a data feed on the server. The current feed consists of a PHP (or Perl) script that provides the data from Yahoo Financial (free quotes feed). Script output is simple, custom feeds can be easily developed;
- customizable stocks: you can set any stocks that feed can provide. Current feed offers all yahoo stocks and also indexes;
- customizable colors & speed: colors and speed can be set from applet parameters; the fonts are matrix based, there is no predefined font. Only CAPITALS and some special characters are available.
- text message: you can set from applet tag a text message to appear before or after quotes.
- more looks: using 'look' and 'thick' parameters, look can be changed (see demo)
FREE 15 days TRIAL
20 years ago
Stocks Table Applet presents at-a-glance overview of stock market action. With a multi-column grouping of symbols, you can let your visitors monitor real-time values for a large number of stocks. The field displayed can be selected by a simple click from three choices, whenever user wants. Main feature of this applet is the large versatility: by setting HTML applet parameters you change sizes, fonts, colors etc to reach whatever look and functionality you want.
You are invited to visit this product page at
20 years ago
how to test servlet performance?
I have about 5 servlets using one mysql database.
some are used as data feeds serving users, some
to operations on the database. I want to test
how many users a configuration can hold.
are there any tools for that?
20 years ago
is there any tool to put a midlet on the web (maybe in an applet) ?
21 years ago
I have a jsp page like:

The problem is that body gets displayed before header. I am hopeless, please help!
21 years ago
I am searching for a marketer to help me sell or get contract for a java meta-search engine. Check demo at I give 45%
21 years ago
you can include or forward requests
21 years ago
I have a JSP page that has a include directive on top and then uses a RequestDispatcher to include some other files.
It also uses some session and application beans defined in the included page.
The problem is that when using Tomcat 4.0.1, the files included with the RequestDispatcher are displayed before the header file included with the include directive.
This dow not happen with Resin. What could be the problem ?
Thank you
21 years ago
I found the solution: I was using StringBuffer which caused some noise on conversion. I changed to using byte[] and it works.
Flying, did you find anything else ? Please try this and tellme if it works, I'd like to know.
First, you should now there are already some free Java crawlers out there you could use and customize.
I also developed a "downloader" years ago when I didn't have Internet access and Teleport was not a choice.
You should start by thinking thoroughly a design as this is not as simple as it looks, a spider has many aspects.
Here are some toughts:
  • make more download threads and have a manager for them
  • have a reference table to keep track of each file status (downloaded, downloading, parsing etc)
  • build links at the finish of all downloadings

  • As for the urls problem, there's no class no give you all the links a page, but you could use regular expressions. Also note that URL(host, any_file) give you an absolute correct url, no matter file si relative to host or is an outside url.
    Also, if you want a challenge - and a feature that I don't know any spider that offers it -, figure out links that are build using JavaScript
    [ January 23, 2002: Message edited by: gigel chiazna ]
    I also get around 1% noise. While testing and trying to solve this problem, I opened by mistake with IrfanView a file where the hole http response (header and data) was saved and the image seemed ok. But if I remove the header and leave only the data I get a bad format error.
    With gifs the image gets scrambled. I think I'll try to grab some sounds and see what it happens.